Teach US Geography with Flash Cards

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US Geography with Flash Cards

For the past few weeks, I have been integrating fun ways to learn US Geography for all of my children.  My goal was to find ways for them to play, have fun and work together to learn the states, their capitals, geographical location, facts and historical information.

What I did not expect (honestly) was for it to be as fun and fruitful as it has been. While at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I found these fun States & Capitals Pocket Flash Cards.(You can purchase the same cards through that link – which is an Amazon Affiliate link)

Now, I say that loosely because I am just not a flash card kind of Mama.  Honestly, I think I have a heart issue due to the not-so-fun drilling experiences I had as a child.  So, when we started teaching the children, I really did not want to use flash cards.

However, these cards have proven to be fun and beneficial.
States and Capitals Flash Cards

We have been pulling them out and playing some of the games they recommend.  One side of the card has a picture of the state and a picture of it’s location on a map of the US.  On the opposite side, it has the name, capital, major cities, state bird, flower, nickname, industries, agriculture and fun facts.  The cards also include the region, the order and date in which it joined the US.

I knew my older children would be able to read all of the cards, but I was a little concerned about my little guy.  What I discovered was that it really didn’t matter that he could not read the cards.  Because he is playing other games and singing with his brother and sister, his knowledge about the states is really beyond my own (yes, hanging head in shame).

So, here we are – one more way to teach your children US Geography.  (Did you miss the other fun posts?  They are listed below.)  It’s been a fun journey.  I think I’ll share one more fun way next week.  And I’ll share my goal – by the end of summer, the children will be able to name each state, it’s capital, the date/order it joined the union and some other fun facts.  (Don’t tell them, I want to keep it a secret until they can do it!)

Teach US Geography with:

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  1. Flashcards can be fun. You’re inspiring me to pull me state cards out since we’re studying the US this year. Thanks so much for linking up with What’s Hot in Homeschooling this Week!

  2. Flashcards are great for learning stuff, we like to use them for games all the time too.