Be Inspired at the Creation Museum

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Creation Museum

“Mommy, don’t worry.  I’ll forgive you for going to the Creation Museum without me.”

Those were the last words my sweet little girl spoke as I tucked her into bed last Tuesday night. I’ll admit it, they stung. I was excited knowing that I would be spending a few days with my friends at a conference and we were kicking off the weekend at the Museum, which we were able to attend using media passes attained through my job. In all honesty, I love my friends, but traveling is bittersweet when I can not take my children.  I love experiencing life with them. Their eyes and hearts have not been clouded by years of rush, so they are able to see the little things that this Mommy’s eyes often miss.

With sweet hugs and kisses, I tucked all of my children into bed and spent a little time with my husband before the alarm woke me to catch my flight to the Cincinnati airport.  Some sweet friends picked me up and off we went.

While I’ve been there before, it’s become more special to me as I have grown in my knowledge of creation and the amazing evidence all around that points to the beauty of God’s sovereign design of our world.  This knowledge along with the fact that a person can not truly understand their need for Christ until they understand the necessity of a savior due to the original sin in the garden, has helped me grow as a believer in ways I never imagined.

Insectorium at the Creation Museum

Our tour began in Dr. Crawley’s Insectorium.  This exhibit was not at the museum the last time we visited.  I have to admit, I have learned a lot about God’s creation as I have studied Insects and Bugs over the past few years.  The two that were among the first to help me understand a lot were the Vanilla Bee and the Bombardier Beetle

Creation Museum Botanical Gardens

The beauty of the Botanical gardens overwhelmed me the first time we visited and I was anxious to return to them again.  The flowers and themes that have been selected make my heart yearn for the beauty of creation that existed before the fall. To walk and see the bees pollenating flowers, while butterflies flew around are a reminder that each and every insect, creature and person has a beautiful purpose while they are here on this earth.

Creation Museum Botanical Gardens via

Anticipating the petting zoo made me as giddy as a little girl as I walked and talked with my friends through the gardens. Sharing the views of the flowers while talking about the animals at the zoo was really fun, but bittersweet, as I knew my children would love to return to the museum again.

Petting Zoo at the Creation Museum

I always enjoy seeing the Zorse and ZDonk. As I stood there attempting to take pictures, the personality of both animals made me giggle.  I remembered, they behaved the same way the first time I visited. They seemed eager to receive treats, but truly did not care to have their pictures made.

The Alpacas, did not mind standing in a stately manner to have their pictures made. These creatures always make me stand and pause. Their eyes and profiles are so full of personality that it seems if I stand there long enough, they’ll begin a very deep and intelligent conversation.

I was glad we decided to tour the gardens first. The days in northern Kentucky warm up quickly and walking around made me a tad bit warm.

Lunch at the Creation Museum

As a family on a frugal budget, working to eliminate debt, I was happy to spend lunch in Noah’s Cafe. The prices are very reasonable, gluten free options are available and my chicken salad stuffed tomato was just what I needed to cool off and give me energy to continue the tour.


We finished lunch and began our adventure through the main museum as we traveled through the 7C’s of History. As we began our tour, we had an opportunity to spend some time with the horned chameleon located in the main hallway.  While we were holding this fun creature, we were taught about how he catches his food with his tongue and some really neat details about his feet.  Their feet look like tongs but they do have five toes that are separated into groups of 2s and 3s.  With two on the outside and three on the inside for the front and the opposite for the back – it’s another amazing testimony of God’s grand design for our universe.

Garden of Eden at the Creation Museum

The Walk Through Biblical History is a great way to visually see what it may have been like when God created the world.  I have always pondered the Garden of Eden.  This exhibit takes you beyond imagining the perfection of the world and immerses you in the garden giving you the ability to visualize creation and the fall.

Noah's Ark at the Creation Museum via

The small portion of Noah’s Ark is probably one of my favorite places. It is amazing to stand and really see the enormity of the project.  The museum has even created  a video of what probably took place during the flood. This video is something we discuss in our home quite often. Understanding how so many people ridiculed Noah – but then had to pay the consequence for turning away from truth – is exhibited in a way I can not fully explain.

Fossils at the Creation Museum via

I love the way the museum is laid out. Information, facts and Biblical truths  (not just dinosaurs) surround you as you walk through the entire complex.

Creation and Evolution Exposed at the Creation Museum  via

While we did not get to swing through the air on the zip lines (they were to open the following day), we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the museum.  The last time I came with my family, we spent two days at the museum and truly, I wish I could have done that this time (but with my family, as well as friends.)

The museum is very family friendly. They have other attractions like the Dinosaur Den,  theater presentations  and many more opportunities to seek and expand your knowledge about the Bible, science and enjoy a good time with your family

I am always blessed when I visit the Creation Museum. I am thankful for my job and working with the many people there – and those who made this visit extremely special for me and my friends.

Have you ever visited?




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  1. Beautiful pictures! We are moving to Cinci in three weeks, and I can’t wait to take my family to the Creation Museum shortly after we settle. It was built shortly before we left that area five years ago, and we never made it for a visit before we left. So, it’s at the top of our summer must-do list!

  2. What gorgeous photos and tour of the Creation Museum! My husband and son have been there and we surely hope to get the whole family up there for a visit soon.

    • Tricia, thank you! I took over 100 and had a difficult time selecting the few I shared. I do hope you are able to go soon! I know you will really enjoy it!

  3. Melissa Jones says:

    Rebecca, what a wonderful place! Your descriptions make me eager to visit someday. Will you elaborate about some aspects? So many of your experiences at the museum could be expanded to communicate the gospel to your readers. I love to hear how the truth of Christ’s sacrifice is reiterated though the experiences he gives us!

  4. It was so cool to read this post yesterday right after our family visited there yesterday for the first time! We had just left and I pulled up this post in my reader and thought “Hey! I just saw that!”
    We had a great time, too. My 4 and 2.5 year old both loved the insect room and the dinosaurs. We live nearby and had never gone before. Our tickets are good for today too, but we are worn out after our full day there. I really enjoyed the gardens too, even though we (foolishly) chose to walk them at the hottest point of the very hot and sunny day! Beautiful place.

  5. Wonderful post! You captured the beauty of the gardens and museum, so well. We also love the museum for these and some very different reasons. My husband has the privilege of working for AIG and my daughter works in Noah’s cafe. (She may have even made that wonderful salad that you posted a pic of.) A year ago, the Lord opened the door for us to join the ministry. We moved from the state of Maine down here to KY. We had never been to KY before then so it took lots of courage to pull up roots and make the move. God has been faithful and we are truly blessed to be working along some of His finest in serving Him. We had heard of the ministry and supported it through the years but never dreamed we would ever see the museum let alone work there. Our God is so wonderful!