Take Time to Enjoy Life

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Enjoy the beauty that surrounds you momsmustardseeds.com

There are days when life seems to be overwhelming and I forget to take time and enjoy life. I forget to be the wife and mom I was created to be and focus on the never ending to do list that every wife and moms create for themselves.

Recently, I took time to really enjoy nature - to capture the beauty of it through my lens. As I took picture upon picture, I wondered what the original flowers looked like. I wondered about the beauty of their colors, the aroma of their sweet nectar and the way the atmosphere must have felt on your skin.

Flowers in the Botanical Gardens at the Creation Museum  by Rebecca MomsMustardSeeds.com

As my friends and I crossed over bridges - we created new ones. New bonds, memories and the sweetness of friendship I could not have truly experienced in a different setting. It gave us a chance to let down our guards and have those discussions that had been looming for months but the timing had not been right.

Bridges at the Creation Museum Botanical Gardens via Rebecca MomsMustardSeeds.com

Right there, in the beauty of nature, truth and love were revealed. The to-do lists were forgotten and hearts were mended.

So, Mama, I want you to take a moment – experience what you can through whatever device you are using. Just step into the garden. Let your hair down and for two minutes – forget that to-do list. Yes, it will be there (and a few more items will be added)… ¬†but these moments are for you.

Here is the video.  Subscribers can view it here

Now tell me, when was the last time you just walked in nature to enjoy it’s beauty? Not for a lesson or to teach or even to take pictures, but just to be reminded of the beauty that surrounds you?

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  1. You take beautiful pictures, Rebecca! I wish you lived closer so you could come photograph my food for my blog. ;-)

    You know, for a mountain girl who grew up rambling all over the hills with her dad, it’s kind of shocking how long it’s been since we really just enjoyed the land around us. It would help if I had some property, but there’s really no good excuse for it. Mama has been cumbered about with much housework, and failed miserably at enjoying the summer with the kids. :-(

    • Seriously – you’re going CM and not out in nature (gasp!). I’m not good at food shots yet – but I learned a few tricks this weekend. I’m going to try them out, and I’ll be glad to share them with you! And for my photos – my camera does all the work – I just point and click!

  2. Thank you for transporting me into nature from a messy house. I’ll put my hair back up now (just kidding).

  3. Not for the few weeks or 10, no. Sad, but true. One of the reasons I chose CM is because I know I need to make this part of my routine or it will never happen.