2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

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Homeschool is More than Learning

What does homeschool curriculum look like when you’ve decided to quit homeschooling? Does it mean you take all of the books, pencils, papers, notebooks and throw them out of the window?

Or does it mean something else.

For me and our home, it does mean something else. It means taking time each and every day to place God first. It means Homeschooling for Eternity and having a Biblical perspective about life and homeschooling.

It means asking – does this benefit the eternal soul of my child rather than just getting a good job?

It’s the heart of our home. Not just having children who go to school to get good grades so they can get a college degree –> good paying job and then…..  RETIRE.

Honestly, there are not many people I have met who find true joy in retirement. What most people (I know) discover is that they have finally reached that goal and – well, it’s like every other day.

But, when you look at a life that has been focused on seeking that purpose for which they were created in order to please God and go make disciples of all nations – their goal is NOT to retire, but to do what we were created to do.


Yep, it’s right there in Genesis: “The LORD God took the man and put him in the Garden of Eden to work it and take care of it.” (Genesis 2:15)

So, we are seeking all things to glorify God first and foremost. We are learning and growing using the following:

(note, other than the Bible (which is the core of our home), these are resources we are using. They will not dictate our days, but will be used to grow our knowledge and wisdom for Christ.)


The Bible.  We will begin each and everyday with individual time reading, meditating and praying. We will then spend time together as a family. Each month, we will select a different book in the Bible and we will read it twice every day together. We started doing this two months ago and it has been SUCH a blessing. We also use some really great apps to do word studies and identify the original Hebrew/Greek text. So, when I say this is most important in our home…I am very serious about that.

Hands On Learning

I have learned (especially over this past year) that I need to say YES to the things my children ask to do/make. Does that mean if they ask for a soda they get it? No. But, if they ask to – make a table, dress up like a character in a book, crochet while I read, sew with some leftover thread, read upside down or lying down on the couch, cook something from a cook book, go clean horse stalls – whatever it is, I need to make time to do that. This past year, we took time to do those things and I witnessed my children growing and learning. They weren’t rushed or hurried.

Art and Music have become important in our homes. So, this year, we will use A Simple Start in Chalk Pastels. My children have access to the eBook and our Art Cart is ready and available.  Our music station with cds, piano and violins are prepared, along with our composer study. The sewing machine is out of the bag and ready to go. Last but not least, yarn, needles and the garage are well equipped for the many odds/ends our children desire to take an interest in.


We are starting with the Who Is God series from Apologia again. We have read all three books they currently have available and will begin back with the first book as we anxiously await the 4th book.

Hands On History momsmustardseeds.com


The entire family will use Mystery of History,  We will  also utilize the timeline and books from Illuminations by Bright Ideas Press in addition to  The Annals of the World and Adams SynChronological Chart.  I will continue my own education by reading The Antiquities of Flavius Josephus


WonderMaps by Bright Ideas Press and other Geography through Literature (Beautiful Feet Books)

Serious Science MomsMustardSeeds.com


My children are loving  Apologia, Answers in Genesis and Media Angels Creation Science books. So, we will be using each of them. No, I”m not crazy. My children just love sitting and reading the books. We will use notebooking to reinforce our learning, and it’s another great way to learn about God and his creation.

All of our books have not arrived.  We will be using Physics (oldest), Botany (Apologia and AIG) for middle and Solar system for little guy (AIG and Apologia ) for little guy.  We will all work through the Media Angels books, as they are unit studies and I will take breaks from our other curriculum to enjoy those and add a little flavor to our year.

We will also use the Truth Seeker Series (which we have already started and LOVE) for some fun living books experience (this is also part of our language arts studies)

Principle Based Language Arts  momsmustardseeds.com

Language Arts

I am keeping Language Arts simple this year. Because we use notebooking, I don’t think this area needs to be heavy.

Oldest:  IEW B / Ancient History, Rod/Staff 6, Blue Back Speller, New England Primer various books from YWAM and Lamplighter Publishing

Middle:  IEW A / Ancient History, Rod/Staff 5, Blue Back Speller, New England Primer various books from YWAM and Lamplighter Publishing

Little guy: Logic of English, Blue Back Speller New England Primer and McGuffey Readers

Math for Homeschool MomsMustardSeeds.com


Oldest:  VideoText Interactive,  Ray’s Arithmetic and Life of Fred (for some fun reading and learning)

Middle and Youngest:  Right Start Math, Ray’s Arithmetic and Life of Fred (for some fun reading and learning)


Webster’s 1828 Dictionary. I can’t say enough about this Dictionary – every home should have it!

Notebooking pages – this is where I print and make all of my notebooking pages.  While I used to enjoy making my own, I just don’t have the time and I love the pages Debra has created here. You can download some free pages here - I know you will be blessed by them.



Typing (daily),  French (when we can) and Latin –  we are still working on Latin we began 2 years ago. We are taking it slow and steady – just not worried about this too terribly much (if at all).

Do you have any questions about utilizing good products, but discipling your children, not educating them?

Join other homeschoolers who are sharing their Homeschool Curriculum and encouragement with you here.

2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum MomsMustardSeeds.com

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  1. We’re starting Who is God as well! Thanks for the books I have been reading the first few lessons and can’t wait to get started with my boys. My oldest is working through AIG Astronomy too (we didn’t finish this year). Oh and my little one says to tell his new best friend hello :)

    • LaToya,
      You are going to love Who Is God? We have read all three and the children beg to read it daily. AIG Astronomy is great – we have used that, as well as Apologia – both are really good! I can’t wait to read about your school year!

  2. Boy…you really got me with your title. I said, “She’s quitting homeschooling?! No, it can’t be!”

  3. I love homeschooling with a Christian based set-up! Thanks for sharing all the books for us, that’s a great help when we already have our kids in the future :D

  4. Absolutely love your discipleship approach – all your resources! And, can’t wait to see art work :)

    • Thank you Tricia. I don’t know if I really shared enough about how we use the Bible for all of the subjects. I need to work on that.

  5. Primers. Hmmm. Maybe I need to buy a New England Primer! Or McGuffey’s? I dunno. I think I have a sickness. I just want to have these books in my hands in the worst kind of way. :-)

  6. LOL For ‘not homeschooling’ you’ve got quite a line-up of curriculum! :)

    But I understand what you mean. It’s so important to read the Bible regularly and to base your whole homeschool on it. My husband and I are both so blessed to come from homes where the Bible is read at every meal, and we’ve carried on that tradition. Reading God’s word regularly is a life changer.

    • Yes, I have resources we will use. But we will use them and not let them rule us. WHat a blessing for the way you grew up! We did not grow up that way and are praying God strengthens us and we create new traditions in building eternal legacies for our children. Thank you for dropping by Annie Kate.

  7. I’m in curriculum overload! Glad I hopped over here. I find I have a core curriculum and have to use some supplements to spice it up. Great ideas you have for this year.

  8. I love your thoughts on what’s important to focus on in your home! You are brave and inspiring–thank you for sharing with us all, and good luck on this next year of NOT homeschooling.