Azure Standard is an Ultimate Mom Resource (Review and Giveaway)

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Ultimate Mom Resources

Ultimate Mom Resource: AZURE Standard

Last month I shared that my husband and I are on the road to becoming debt free. One of the major areas we spend the most money in our home is on food. Because we prefer cooking from scratch and using real food, that is not an easy task, while reducing your budget. However, we recently became acquainted with Azure Standard through Covenant Ranch Trucking (who deliver Azure products).

I first heard about Azure from my friend Amy and met Mrs. Joseph Wood (wife of the owner of CovenantRanch Trucking) a few months ago. After reading Amy’s review and speaking with Mrs. Wood, my curiosity was peaked. They seemed to have exactly what we are looking for: Good, real food that can be purchased in bulk – and will save us money.

Needless to say, I was (and am) happy to share them with you.  We ordered a $50 basket of of food (that we received in exchange for an honest review).

Our order included: Organic Red Wheat, Coconut Oil, Dried Blueberries and Pineapple, Kale Chips, Spaghetti seasoning and peanut butter.

Azure and Coventry Ranch Trucking

I’ll be honest and say I was very happy to receive the wheat. The price was much lower than what I am used to paying and the quality was phenomenal. My children were ecstatic over the Dried Blueberries and pineapple, as well as the kale chips. They made great healthy snacks during an afternoon trip to the pool.  And the peanut butter – is a brand that I love. However, I am not able to purchase it locally at a price that is even close to the price I would pay for it through Azure. And, the spaghetti seasoning helped me create some very yummy spaghetti dinners over the past few months.

Right now, Covenant Ranch Trucking does not deliver to Georgia, where we live. However, they do deliver to TN (as well as several other states). Because they are now in TN, I am anxiously awaiting their decision to deliver to GA! Right now, we will order our food and have it delivered via USPS. And once awareness has grown in the area and they are delivering, I know our grocery bill and overall budget will dramatically drop.

No more trips to the grocery store means: less gas traveling back and forth and no more splurge purchases (ack – they get me, do they you?).

How does it work?

For each month that a you would like to place an order the minimum is $50. However, if your order is less than $50, you are charged a small order fee of $5. Azure does not require monthly orders, you can order as often as you would  like without penalty.  Ready to order? Use this–>CRT Ordering Guide to help you.

You can find additional information on how to order and various drop locations here – at this  website . AND you can visit this  blog with that has Azure product information, recipes and nutrition/family health focused blog posts.

So, I need your help. I need you to go to Azure Standard and look at all of the well-priced products they have.  Then, I need you to contact Mrs. Woods via the Covenant Ranch Trucking Facebook page or by calling Covenant Ranch Trucking at:  785-380-0034. Tell them you want them to begin delivery in Ga (or the state you are located in). And – Tell your friends! Seriously, this is not a ‘share’ my post request. This is a pick up your phone and call your friends and tell them request.

And…..enter to win your own basket from Azure Standard (compliments of Covenant Ranch Trucking) for $50 of products below!

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Enter to win a $50 basket of products from Azure Standard – compliments of CovenantRanch Trucking!

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Note: WE received these products from Covenant Ranch Trucking in exchange for our honest opinion. No other compensation was (or will be) received.

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  1. almond butter and wheat flour

  2. Azure looks very interesting. I’ll definitely check it out. Wish I knew people in GA to pass this on to, but I live in TN. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I think I’d like to try the white cheddar popcorn seasoning. Yum!

  4. We’re low on coconut oil. As in, out. So that.

  5. I have heard a lot about Azure but have not ordered from it. Of course when I thought about ordering we were living in Alaska. Now that we are back in the lower 48 I will have to look into ordering. I would order some almond butter (YUM!) and for my kids I would order the EnviroKidz Crispy Rice Peanut Butter bars. I am definitely pinning Azure to my favorites on my computer so I can place an order :)

  6. Thanks so much for featuring my post, Rebecca! I enjoyed learning a bit about Covenant Ranch Trucking at the 2:1 Conference. I enjoyed learning more today!

    I’d like to try some granola through Azure Standard.

  7. I’ve been wanting to try stevia.

  8. Baking Cocoa, Organic

  9. Sally Andrews says:

    I would love the wheat flour, I use wheat flour for all my mixes. Great giveaway!

  10. I’ve been really curious about ordering from Azure. I keep hearing about them and I know they have a drop where I live. I’d like to try getting some flours that are harder to find around here. We usually end up buying a lot at Costco, but I just found out that they fund Planned Parenthood and that bothers me, even though I know we can’t avoid spending money at every single place that funds something I object to. I’d love to support a smaller, family owned, faith friendly business!

  11. I’ve heard of them, but never used them. I will have to look into them more.

  12. First time on your blog! A good friend pointed me here to learn about Azure. I’m from GA also, the Savannah area (stationed at Fort Stewart) but from Savannah. Really wish they were in our area! I’d order all the time. I’d order too many things to list lol. I guess I’d have to start with the nuts and W.W. Pastry flour. I couldn’t find WW pastry flour anywhere last week when I was trying out a recipe that will be a staple in our house now. I’m going to register on the site and drop them a line that they have another person in GA who wants a route here!

  13. Lyzz Hans says:

    sourdough starter!

  14. Maribeth Uhlenhopp says:

    I’m in Illinois & have been enjoying Azure Standard for over a year. I have NEVER been disappointed with anything I’ve ever ordered from Azure Standard! :)

    Plant starts for our organic garden
    The fresh produce is wonderful – they have amazing prices on cases of apples!
    Bulk organic popcorn
    Coconut oil
    Wheat berries
    Bulk baking ingredients
    “If you care” brand muffin cup papers & parchment paper
    Frozen organic fruit
    Canned organic pumpkin, tomatoes, etc.
    Pastured butter

    I could go on and on and on!

  15. beef gelatin! having so much fun making gummies and soon marshmallows with great health benefits :)

  16. We’ve been using Azure for the past 2 years and LOVE it! The fresh produce is the best especially when apple season begins.

  17. Becky L. says:

    I’d order some sucanat, hard white wheat, beans, or maybe quinoa.

  18. I would order bulk baking supplies.

  19. Erica Bradley says:

    Bulk chia seeds

  20. Cassie H says:

    We love Azure! I’m in definite need of more Ezekial Bread!

  21. Sharon U says:

    Love eating real foods. And yes, it is HARD on a budget. Very hard.

  22. Jen Perrotta says:

    I LOVE Azure Standard! We got a drop near us about a year ago, and have been pleased with everything! I love their flours, I regularly order 3 different types for baking.

  23. Yellow peaches!

  24. Christy says:

    We’ve ordered from Azure a few times now. Oats, soaked tortillas, soap, a few other things. I think the oats were a particularly good price compared to what we’ve normally gotten in bulk around here.

  25. Rebecca S. says:

    I want to order flour and produce!

  26. Danielle Hull says:

    I just discovered that we have a delivery route close to us! I love their organic fresh produce and their yogurt choices! So much better than the local stores!

  27. Karleen Mauldin says:

    Azure Standard is great! I haven’t ordered much from them this summer, due to our wacky schedule, but plan on starting back up this fall.
    Also, if you have a ‘small’ order — you can always combine with a friend and avoid the $5 charge!

  28. I would order coconut oil and bulk beans.

  29. Thanks for the chance to win! We enjoy trying different bulk options – chia seeds, flour, oats, nuts, etc!

  30. Oats and sugar!

  31. courtney says:

    Such a huge selection! First time hearing about this company! Would like to try some pastas, dessert baking items, etc. Thank you!

  32. Bulk items!!

  33. Gabreial W. says:

    Gluten Free Oats!

  34. Candice Meadows says:

    I’d love all of their products! Namely…raw cheese!

  35. I would love to try their nut butters and coconut oil.

  36. I would love a chance to try any of their products.

  37. Jerad Bradley says:

    Fresh yellow peaches