Time for Change in Our Homeschool

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This job as a homeschool Mom

Every year, I make changes and adjustments in our homeschool.  Sometimes it’s ‘where’ we learn. But most of the time, it’s how we are learning and what we are using. I think it’s that way in every home that educates their children. We tweak, change and make adjustments.

These changes began last year at Real Refreshment and  Teach Them Diligently Conference. This year, while attending the Real Refreshment Retreat and The Teach Them Diligently events in Spartanburg and Nashville, God really hit me hard in the heart and made me REALLY ask – why my children need an education and what a God-Centered education looks like.

So, what do those changes look like in a home that has decided to quit homeschooling for an education and truly seeking the hearts of the children for Christ.

  1. I have established learning centers all over the house. I can’t wait to share these with you over the next few weeks.  
  2. Prayer and weekly meetings with my husband. We did this a few years ago, but our schedules became too chaotic last year – honestly, we just stopped doing them. This year, they are back on the calendar. Dad will sit and review the children’s work each week. Afterwards, he and I will pray and he will help me make decisions for the week to come.
  3. I will write an overall schedule for the children to follow and they will be responsible for making that happen. (I.E. – I will not own their hours – they will and will be expected to meet their daily goals)
  4. We have completely changed math. This year, we are really mixing it up with Video Text, Right Start Math, Ray’s and Life of Fred. (no, I have not gone insane by integrating MORE math. But, we have the learning centers now – this directly relates to those and helping the children find what works best for them).
  5. I am learning with the children this year. I have selected some books I will read and some additional subjects I want to learn. I’m taking that ‘lead by example’ thought process very serious.
  6. I am in the process of pulling families together to start a family integrated homeschool co-op at our church. I have no idea how this is going to look or work yet, but it is something God has placed on my heart and I am really excited about it
  7. Handiwork. This year, the children will select a new craft or life skill each month (or until they are ready to begin something new). I’m so thankful for this reminder by my friend Cindy to do this. It helped inspire two of our learning centers – I am really excited (and a little nervous) about this.
  8. In addition to math, we have changed history. We have loved our past history curriculums – this year, I want something that is hands on and a little easier to integrate while not being as time-consuming, which takes me to number 9…
  9. We will not be reading a lot of extra living books for history this year. We are starting back at creation and my husband and I have decided that rather than working through greek mythology, we are going to have the children read really good books that will help grow their hearts for God. So, our read alouds and individual reading books will be from Lamplighter Publishing and YWAM.
  10. We did not go on field trips last year. This year, my husband and I have decided to dedicating two days per month to field trips.

As with any list of things I desire to do, changes I make – I always know that God’s plan may look different than mine. So, I share this list of changes, knowing full well – that it will change.

Time for a Change

What are you changing in your homeschool this year?

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  1. WOW That is a great list of some awesome changes. I really wish my church had more homeschoolers (than just us…lol) I cant wait to see the learning centers! Blessed to your day!

    • Melissa, We have several families who homeschool. I pray that I am able to get the co op off the ground. It will be small – and family integrated. And the centers – yes, I can’t wait to share them. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. How exciting! It sounds like you’ve put a lot of thought and prayer into your plan and, most importantly, what you want your family to accomplish long-term. I think all of us hit that “can’t see the forest for the trees” point now and then – but you’ve not just recovered from it, you’ve grown from it! :)

  3. I really think the more math resources you have the better. You don’t have to stick to one curriculum. Sometimes the main thing needs a supplement, or all the supplements make a whole curriculum. ;-) I can’t wait to see your (Sally Clarkson inspired?) learning centers. We don’t have enough space for that, really, but I love looking at other people’s spaces.

  4. I love that you’re choosing skills/subjects to learn! I want to do that as well and show my little learner that it is a life-time process. I’m also moving to a daily/weekly goal schedule, opposed to “owning” my child’s time. I want her to gain the life skill of budgeting her own time and meeting deadlines/goals.

    I’m a single-parent, but I am thinking about reserving Sunday nights for a scheduled sit down with my child to go over the pros and cons of the week before and review the week to come and then praying over it all!

    • That sounds like a great plan, Christina. I pray you have friends and family who are helping you on your journey. Is there anything I can do “here” to help you?

      • Thank you for your kind words. God has done an amazing job of constructing our community, both online and offline. I can think of nothing other than what you already do. Thank you for letting us join your world and gleaning from it! Feel free to stop by Raising Rosalind and let me know what wisdom you might have for us about homeschooling, parenting, working out our salvation, blogging, or whatever else the Lord gives you! :)

  5. We are focusing more on my highschooler this year. We moved my middleschooler to a computer program for school and more books for the highschool age. My youngest is more independent and I want to try to build more confidence in my older child. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I love this time of year, prepping a new school year, starting out with a clean slate. Your plans sound wonderful! For us, the new thing is really the old thing – we are going back to what’s tried and true. We’ve spent a couple of years trying to shake things up a bit with new styles/curric, and now we are going back to what we know and love. That would be KONOS as our core, LLATL and Easy Grammar, all with an emphasis on living books (that CM touch I love) Now I’m to catch up on your other homschooling posts!

  7. I love the ideas of the learning centers and cannot wait to hear more about these. My son is a hands-on learner so I am trying to find new ways to teach him to his learning style.
    This year I am changing our school schedule. I am wanting to try a year-round three week on and one week off schedule.

  8. I love the changes you are making in your homeschool, Rebecca! My sister-in-law Rosanna and I were both similarly inspired at Teach Them Diligently this year and are making changes so that our homeschooling is God-centered and not education-focused only. God is moving in our hearts & families — so exciting to see this happening across the country!

    I look forward to hearing about how your co-op develops! :)

  9. Curriculum changes aren’t in my future this coming year since the one we have works for my crazy homeschool environment and the 3 homeschool teachers in my home. (Besides I can’t even stomach teaching my DH another system when he just learned this one). BUT…we’ve added 1/2 electives to the box DVD curriculum we use. The kids are loving it (we started school in the summer).