Ultimate Mom Resource: Homeschooling For Eternity (Review and Link UP)

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Ultimate Mom Resources

Ultimate Mom Resource:

Homeschooling for Eternity is my Ultimate Mom resource for this week.  I received this book to review at Teach Them Diligently from Israel Wayne.  His mother is Skeet Savage, who wrote Homeschooling for Eternity. In this book, Skeet makes you really consider why you are homeschooling. She does not sit back and sweetly give you Bible verses to memorize and pat you on the head. Skeet gives you truth and through her own testimony you see and feel the necessity to homeschool for eternity.

Homeschooling for Eternity truly gives a parent – a homeschooling parent great insight and advice about various aspects of life and homeschooling.  Skeet identifies: education that produces Godly character, against all odds, amidst oppositions, finding and giving real support, establishing God’s order for your homeschooling, finding hope at the end of your rope, homeschooling in sickness and in health, educational challenges, Biblical discipline, comfort and advice for single parents and much more.

Homeschool For Eternity

I have never met Skeet, but I have met her son, Israel Wayne. I will admit, when I first met him, I imagined he had grown up in a perfect home. However, after hearing his testimony and how his Mom homeschooled him (and his sisters) while single and growing a business, I realized my assumption was far from the truth.

Homeschooling for Eternity really should be in your home. Reading Skeet’s words, her advice and her many stories about how God brought her to realize His plans and gave her the faith and strength she needed, will inspire, encourage and give you a swift kick (in the you know what) to get you on the right track. You will also realize that you have an opportunity to grow your children – not just to get an education,  job or to retire, but for something worth much more than that – for an eternal purpose. This book one of the reasons we have quit homeschooling and implemented some serious changes in our homeschool curriculum this year.

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  1. It looks like you’re making some great changes this year, Rebecca! I hope you and your family have a truly blessed school year! :)

  2. Thanks, Rebecca, for your kind review of my book. I’m grateful for your recommendation and have prayed that will be a blessing to many. I appreciate you!

  3. Thanks for sharing my Kids in the Word copywork :)