Every Mama is a Homeschool Mama and this Letter is for all…

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Every mama is a Homeschool Mama

Dear sweet homeschool Mama, this is for you.

This might be your first year, your third year, maybe your fifth of fifteenth year. You might homeschool every day, perhaps go to a co op or even utilize a local private school to help on some days, while you teach on other days.

And, you may even be a Mom whose child attends school every day of the week, but you’re there in the evening helping with homework, lessons and filling in the gaps you want to make sure are not missed in your child’s heart(s) and education.

Every mama is a Homeschool Mama. I know – sweet friends who are pouring out sweat day in and day out alone n your home- don’t shoot me. I’ve been on both sides of this fence. I’ve had my children in public school. I grew up in Public school and I remember my Mom taking me and my brother to school and various activities.

So, to me – every mama is a Homeschool Mama. We just wear our skirts/pants a little different. We all have the same desires for our children. Every Christian Mama out there wants nothing more than for her babies to follow Jesus Christ and seek to please God each and every day of their lives.

We are all qualified to disciple and educate our children.

And thankfully, we still have the ability to decide what is best for our family.

This pragmatic society we are living in no longer seeks to do what’s right – but to keep trying to use ‘what’s working’ somewhere else and forcing it to fit on our children.

Yeah, Mama – that’s what we are all fighting. We want our children to grow up, to be unique and have the same opportunities we had.

The truth is, they don’t. The other hard truth is – they won’t.

So, to my sweet 911 Sisters in Christ, to my Homeschool Mamas who do it alone or have help from others – it’s up to us to pray for a massive overhaul to this nation of ours. We need a revival that Moses would have been proud of.

Most of all, we need to pray and guard their hearts through discipling them. We all need to quit homeschooling, start discipling our children to live for God – and show them how to serve others through living selfless lives.

It’s time to stand up and make some changes. Let’s put down the banners of ‘this way is best’. Only God knows what’s best for our families. So, if you homeschool’d and stopped – this is for you. If you homeschool now and pray to continue to do so, this is for you - don’t feel judged.

And most of all – on those days where nothing seems to be going right – know that you have a sister in Christ right here.

It’s not about where our children go to school – it’s about the heart of our home and keeping that focused on praising and worshipping God through our words and actions….

Do you have sister-friends to help guide you through these days?

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  1. Oh, Amen Rebecca. AMEN.

  2. From a mother in India, whose triplets attend a private Christian school – thank you!

  3. As always, a great post. I just wrote about family discipleship, but I’m going to let my readers know about this post…and the fact they are truly qualified to disciple their children. They don’t need an expert (or SS teacher or youth group leader) to take on the primary role of discipleship. Dads & moms can disciple their kids.

  4. You know I’m right there wuth you in this. Beautifully written!