Ultimate Mom Resource: Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

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Ultimate Mom Resource: Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Last winter, my children and I were blessed with the opportunity to read and work through the experiments in a chapter of the new Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Science book written by Jeannie Fulbright.  We enjoyed it so much that my oldest has been asking (every week) when we will receive our final copy. He wasn’t the only one to enjoy it, though. My daughter and youngest son enjoyed it and they are also looking forward to helping big brother with his experiments this year.

Fun Chemistry Experiment with Apologia's New Physics and Chemistry book

Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics  is a great way to introduce your children to both Chemistry and Physics. The lessons are easy to follow and will help your children increase their knowledge as they move forward in learning about science. This book will definitely equip them for their more advanced classes they will need in highschool. But it won’t overwhelm then in their elementary years.

Today, I am excited to offer a giveaway for the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Text book, Notebook and a Lab Coat! Enter for a chance to win below.

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Enter to for a chance to win the Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Text book, Notebook and a Lab Coat!

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  1. We’ve used Botany and Astronomy. Would LOVE this!

  2. We’re getting ready to start our first year with Apologia. We’ll be using Anatomy & Physiology. I’m hoping to get to Chemistry & Physics mid-year for my 6th grader.

  3. Michelle says:

    I have not used any yet but my little guys will probably use Astronomy next year.

  4. We have used all of them except for the Anatomy and Physiology book. However, I do own that book! Looking forward to the Chemistry and Physics book!

  5. I am beyond excited to see this title released!

  6. We used Astronomy a few years ago. This book looks amazing!

  7. Laura Stephenson says:

    We love Apologia and have used the Anatomy and Physiology and Astronomy. We would love to use Chemistry and Physics in our Homeschool.

  8. We used Exploring Creation with Astronomy. :-)

  9. Love this series! Can’t wait to use this book with my kiddos!

  10. We have used most of them. Botany, Swimming Creatures, and Flying most recently.

  11. No I haven’t, but I really, really want to!

  12. I can’t even explain how awesome this would be to win! My kids are science junkies! We LOVE science and have really enjoyed Apologia’s books. I can not wait to see this book!

  13. We love Apologia! We use the science and this year we are trying their History/Geo as well. Would love to win a copy :)

  14. oh, we have used Astronomy and are using Anatomy this year

  15. Yes! Last year we used Zoology 3, this year we are using Anatomy, and we will stick with Apologia throughout our homeschooling years!

  16. kendra artz says:

    We have used swimming creatures, anatomy, and this year astronomy and general science for 7th grade. We love Apologia!

  17. We are using Human Anatomy right now. I am so excited for this new book. :)

  18. I have not used any Apologia science books yet.

  19. I have not used apologia, and would love to win to try it!

  20. We love the Apologia Exploring Creation books! We used the Botany book and notebook last year and we are using the Astronomy book this year. I was planning to move on to the chemistry and physics for next year, our last year of elementary school. This would be great to win! I’ve never been organized enough to have my books that early! :)

  21. YES! And we love them! Astronomy, A&P, Zoo 1!

  22. We are using Apologia Astronomy this fall.

  23. Using Anatomy & Physiology and really looking forward to this new one!

  24. This looks great! My 5th grader used Flying Creatures last year and LOVED it!

  25. We’ve used Zoology 1 and loved it. It was a little much for our K’er at the time, but we’ve revisited it and he loves it! I’ve been thinking about switching science programs because of the lack of Chemistry for the younger grades (I also have a 3rd grader). Now maybe we won’t have to! I really like Apologia, so this is great news! Thanks for the opportunity.

  26. We started with the Astronomy book when my son was in kindergarten and we’ve used every book since. We love these science books and we’re excited that a new one came out just in time for us this year!

  27. I have wanted to try Apologia but have been a little intimidated by the program. This would be a good way to get started.

  28. We haven’t used any of these yet, but I know my 5 boys would love this one!

  29. YES! We love Apologia. Our family has used: Botany, Astronomy, Flying Creations, The Human Body, Physical Science, General Science, and Biology. Love them all!

  30. Angi Wirrick says:

    We love Apologia!! We have used Botany & Astronomy. This year we will be using Biology with my 9th grader and hope to be using this new book with my 7th grader. Not sure which to use with my kindergartner if anything yet!

  31. We’ve used Botany and really enjoyed it!!! Miki

  32. This year I will be using Astronomy with my youngest. My oldest used General Science last year and will be using Physical Science this year, she absolutely loves it!

  33. We have and are still using Apologia Biology and I absolutely LOVE it. I definitely want to use their products, it just isn’t in our budget to purchase more this year.

  34. We love Apologia anything… can’t wait to learn more about this new book!

    • OOps… replied before I read the entire thing! We have used Zoology 1,2,3, General Science, and Biology. Currently using Chemistry and Anatomy and Physiology.

  35. I’m a first time homeschooling mom, and I am currently using Apologia Anatomy and Physiology with my kids this year. I think they would love the Chemistry book!

  36. We plan on starting Apologia Botany this year. Maybe we will try out Chemistry next.

  37. We’ve used astronomy and have anatomy. Love them.

  38. Hi, I came via GAHCindy’s. The book sounds great – don’t enter me though cos I’m in Australia. Linked a post – A Mother’s Journey.

  39. We’ve used Botany, Astronomy, and are working on Flying Creatures. My girls want to do this one when we switch books next. If I don’t win it, I’m buying it because the oldest is JUST DYING to learn some chemistry and physics. We’re not a nerdy family or anything :)

  40. We are working our way through the apologia books. This book would be perfect for next year!

  41. This is our first year homeschooling & we are excited to work with the apologia books. My girls are in 3rd & 1st grade & have had no science in Public school so everything will be new and exciting!

  42. We have not, but we’ve used Apologia’s Worldview Curriculum for the last 2 years. I just ordered the Exploring Creation through Astronomy, to use this year, along with What We Believe. Would love to have this for next year. :-)

  43. This is our first year [kdg] and we are using Astronomy. My son loves it!! Would love to win – thanks for the opportunity!

  44. LOVE physics – I was a TA in college, but haven’t seen much for littles. Would love this!

  45. I am so excited about Apologia science! We are using it for the first time – Zoology 1.

  46. We are currently using Astronomy and will start Zoology next year!

  47. I think we’ve used them all! Our most recent was Human Anatomy :)

  48. Hi
    I have not used Apologia before but I have been perusing the website quite a lot lately. I love what I have read so far and would really love to try it out.

  49. Gary and Christina Tennant says:

    We have used Exploring Creation with Astronomy and Exploring Creation with Botany already and absolutely love it! My oldest is completing Exploring Creation with General Science. We would love to have Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics to learn for her 8th grade year! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  50. We are just finishing up Botany and will do Zoology 1 in the fall! Can’t wait!

  51. I have used them all, except this one.

  52. Christabelle says:

    We have Botany and Astronomy and my son just discovered chemistry. He asked me a few weeks ago if there is a book for that (like the others) and I was SO PLEASED to discover one coming out! We are looking forward to adding to our curriculum for the coming year. :)

  53. I would love these for my boys! Haven’t used Apologia before but I have heard good things about it : )

  54. Leah Williams says:

    We used their Physical Science book.

  55. Michele P says:

    We have used all of the other elementary level books and love them!

  56. The new physics and chemistry. I have been waiting for it for my 5th grade son. We love apologia

  57. We’re new to Apologia this year {Winged Creatures}. We all enjoy it. Would love to have this one, also!

  58. We haven’t used any Apologia science books yet, but its definitely something I would consider!

  59. Gina Akin says:

    I have used the Elementary Anatomy, Swimming Creatures of the 5th Day, Land Animals and currently Botany. Love them all – especially since I discovered Lab Kits.

  60. I haven’t used any Apologia science yet, but I would really like to give it a try! Always hearing great things about it & love Apologia’s worldview series.

  61. Oh, this would be RIGHT up my ten-year-old’s alley! Everything that we have used from Apologia has been fantastic; I can only imagine this would be a stellar book.

  62. jemalarkey says:

    We are just getting started with Flying Creatures, and my son is already excited about the Chemistry & Physics books!

  63. We have Botany and Flying Creatures!

  64. Melissa Bell says:

    I bought Botany, but haven’t decided if we want to do Botany or Astronomy first!

  65. We have used Exploring Creation with Zoology 1: Flying Creatures of the Fifth Day and EC with Botany. We love Apologia and are super excited about Chemistry and Physics being added!

  66. Leigh Anne says:

    This is our first year homeschooling. We are raising support to become stateside missionaries and will be traveling a lot!

  67. I am so excited to see this addition to the Apologia Exploring Creation line! It is the only science we have ever used!

  68. Bobbi Lee Jeselskis says:

    We are using Apologia this year for the first time! I’m excited to start!

  69. we have used the Astronomy and will be re-using the Anatomy and Physiology text. we like the junior notebooking pages as well.

  70. We haven’t used any of the science yet but I’m hoping to incorporate Flying Creatures for our Kinder year!

  71. Desiree Wales says:

    We have used all of the elementary creation books from Apologia :-) Love them!!!

  72. Jenn Leigh H says:

    I just saw this new book and cannot wait to get my hands on it. We are currently doing Flying Creatures of Day 5. I am so excited that they added Chemistry and Physics to this line!

  73. I have not used any of these yet but am on the hunt for a new science curriculum and Apologia looks perfect for us. Thanks for the chance to win! GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY! :)

  74. Lana Plume says:

    My family loves Apologia!

  75. I used the astronomy this year and we are gearing up to begin the botany. Their books are great!

  76. We use Apologia with our 5 year old and 10 year old and absolutely love it!! We are starting their Bible curriculum this year as well and can’t wait to see what it is like!

  77. anatomy, botany, flying creatures, land animals. Love them all!

  78. My 4th grader would LOVE this! She is extremely interested in science, and I am THANKFUL!

  79. We’ve used Astronomy and loved it!

  80. We loved Astronomy and A&P

  81. laura dodd says:

    I would love to win this!!! I’ve never used Apologia, but would love to!

  82. robbie marley says:

    I am would like to win this program, I am thankful for the chance to win!

  83. I would love to get this program. I have used the botany, astronomy, the human body, and flying creatures.

  84. Yes, we have used the apologia astronomy books!

  85. We’ve used Land Animals, Astronomy and Swimming Creatures. My daughter is going to use Flying Creatures this year. I would love to have this new book for my middle son! :-)

  86. Faith Hakes says:

    We used the Anatomy book last year, we have also used the high school level Apologia books and resources for my older children.

  87. In the last year, we were able to acquire the elementary Apologia books for Biology, and Astronomy. We love them! I wish I would have been able to get them before then. My children love science now. We are eager to some time read the new Chemistry and Physics book!

  88. Maureen Canterbury says:

    I have used several programs. I cannot wait to do the chemistry and physics one this year

  89. Martha M. says:

    I am using Exploring Creation with General Science and loving it!

  90. Yes, we love them. We did botany last year, astronomy the year before, and several of the animal ones too!

  91. Karla Sheridan says:

    We love Apologia! Would love to win this.

  92. I would love to check out this book! We’re going into our 4th year with Apologia’s Young Explorer series and we love it!

  93. We are using the Exploring Creation through Astronomy this year

  94. We love the Apologia Exploring Creation books. We have done Astronomy, Botany, Anatomy, and are looking forward to our animal studies. I would love to also do Chemistry & Physics with my girls!

  95. We are using Astronomy.

  96. We’ve used astronomy, anatomy, ocean animals, land animals and hmmmm another one…. ;) love her books!

  97. Angie Harper says:

    So far we have used Botany, Astronomy and this year we will be studying the Human Body with Apologia. I have already planned with several friends to do the newest book next year as it seems so interesting. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  98. We’ve used the Zoology 2 and 3, Botany and Human Physiology and Anatomy. This year my older children are moving up into the General Science. We have loved them all!

  99. Michelle L. says:

    We have used Astronomy. My daughter is taking a Landry Academy 2-day lab intensive this year, so this would be perfect for her to learn about chemistry and physics before taking the class.

  100. We love Apologia!

  101. Amylynn H says:

    I have not used any of the elementary books yet with my youngest. I have looked at them and really like what I have seen! We are using General Science this year with my oldest. I know for sure that I am using Apologia from now on!

  102. We have used General Science, Physical Science and Biology. We love Apologia!

  103. Our 6 children would LOVE to win a copy of this book. We have all of Mrs. Fulbright’s other science books, so this one was next on our wish list. By the time we got to high school chemistry with our older children, they were struggling with it. I’d love to take our high schoolers through this book, along with their younger siblings, so they can hopefully have what they previously learned “click” for them.

  104. I have used all three of the zoology books, and the botany book. We are planning to do chemistry and physics this year.

  105. I’ve used the Astronomy book and the Botany book. Loved them. Will be using Zoology 1 this year and would love to add this to the shelf!

  106. We’ve used Astronomy, Botany, and some of Zoology 1. We have Human Anatomy, but we haven’t used it yet. I would LOVE this one!

  107. We have used Apologia Human Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Botany, Flying Creatures, and Swimming Creatures. They are great books! I am so excited about the Chemistry and Physics book!

  108. We would LOVE this for our studies. We have done astronomy and just finished botany. We’ll be doing flying creatures for the younger ones and General Science for the oldest.

  109. we are planning on using Astronomy this year. it will be our first time using Apologia :)

  110. Apologia Exploring Creation Astronomy
    Apologia ” ” Botany
    Apologia ” ” Flying Creatures
    Apologia ” ” Swimming Creatures

  111. We love Apologia! We’ve used Anatomy, Swimming Creatures and just started Land Animals.

  112. Melanie K says:

    I have used Apologia Astronomy and the Human Body. Would love to add this one to my list, too!

  113. Jennifer M says:

    I haven’t yet but I do plan to.

  114. We haven’t used any yet but would love to!

  115. We would love to use this new book to use in our homeschooling. The only other book we have from J. Fulbright is the human anatomy one.

  116. Would be so excited to win this. I LOVE APOLOGIA!! We are only on Zoology 2 but we’ll be to the Chemistry/Physics before I know it, and how AWESOME would it be to not have to buy it :)

  117. Would love to win! My boys loved Swimming Creatures.

  118. We are currently working on Zoology 1. We would love to win this set!

  119. I get excited when I see another Apologia product. I am so thankful for this product, it’s so important to know what we believe and why we believe it.

  120. We love the Apologia Exploring Creation Series. We have completed Zoology 1,2 and 3, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology and are starting Astronomy in a few weeks. I just sorted supplies for our co-op today! Looking forward to the new book!

  121. Mandy Ferguson says:

    We are getting ready for our first year of HSing with Apologia Zoology 1! So excited :)

  122. we have used Astronomy, Botany, Anatomy and Physiology, and are currently using Flying Creatures

  123. Still figuring out how to make this homeschooling thing work for us…this would be amazing for our little scientist!

  124. My daughter wants this SO BAD. She is VERY into science and hopes to one day go into physics and engineering.

  125. We are in chapter 2 of Astronomy. So far so good!

  126. Karen Allen says:

    We’re just about to start our homeschooling adventure, so haven’t tried anything yet, but I’m very curious about this! As a former science major in college (pre-med for 3 years), I’m especially curious as to the depth and breadth of this curriculum, as well as the others on the market for homeschoolers.

  127. I used Astronomy this past year and will start Botany soon with my son. I love them!

  128. We have used all of the elementary science as they have been released. Ready to start swimming creatures this week. If we don’t win Physics, we will dive into Botany for the second time ( youngest 2 were too young the first go,around) in the Spring.

  129. Kim Krabach says:

    We’ve used Astronomy & Botany :)

  130. Libby Waterman says:

    We love all things Apologia!!

  131. I let my son pick which Science curriculum he wanted to do this year and this was the one he picked! We haven’t been able to budget it in yet so fingers crossed:-) Thanks!

  132. We haven’t had the pleasure of using Apologia yet:-)

  133. We would love this!

  134. We have not used any of these books before. However, we would be very excited to have the opportunity to use the chemistry & physics book.

  135. We have been enjoying the young explorer series from Apologia and my kids and I are very excited about this new book too!!

  136. I haven’t used any, but my son would love them!

  137. LOVE Apologia Science! Would love to have this! :)

  138. Melissa G says:

    We did Astronomy last year, are finishing up the Botany now, and will be using Zoology 1 next year, with 2 kids this time! Love it!

  139. Rebecca B. says:

    You’re family is so lucky to have the opportunity to try out Apologia Chemistry & Physics. I’ve had the book on pre-order for weeks! Can’t wait! I would love to win this for my family.

  140. Linda Salter says:

    So excited, I have taught almost all the other books in this series. REALLY looking forward to teaching this one in January. I would love to win this, and a lab coat–way cool.

  141. We are currently using Astronomy and would love to do Chemistry & Physics next year. We love Apologia!

  142. We have used ALL of the Apologia elementary series (and some more than once :-) ). Apologia is IMO the absolutely best science curriculum out there! I love the simplicity of the experiments, the engaging reading, and most of all the bringing all that is learned back to our Creator!

  143. Yes – we have absolutely enjoyed the Biology text and look forward to marine biology this year with my high schoolers!

  144. Shannon A. says:

    We haven’t started our new school year yet but I have Apologia’s Zoology & Anatomy books for this year. Planning on going through them w/my 4 school aged kids together, ages 10, 8, 6, & 4. I think some of the experiments will be fun for my 2 year old!

    Very excited for this years program for us!

  145. We have used some Apologia and have loved it. We would love to win this and be able to add it to our cicciula. The kids love Astronomy, Physics and Chemistry and I know we would use this over and over. Thank you for the chance to win.

  146. Love! Love! Love! Have used all the other books. Can’t wait to see this one.

  147. Annie Sauer says:

    No, but we are starting this year!!!

  148. Dawn Peluso says:

    we would love to add this to our Apologia “collection” :)

  149. Lisa Smith says:

    We’ve used Apologia for our older kids’ science classes, and now for the younger ones, we’ve used the Exploring Creation books: Astronomy and Zoology III (I know, out of order, but our youngest boy really wanted to study dinosaurs. Still worked great!) I love the way Ms. Fulbright writes, and I love the notebooking journals. My kids still pull them out and look at their work from previous years. Our world map is still covered with animal stickers. And we still talk about the planets and constellations. What they learn, they retain!

  150. We love Apologia Science!!!

  151. Isabelle Lussier says:

    We are using the Zoology FLying creatures at this point in time but I snatched all the missing titles I was eyeing for earlier this year for an amazing price. Looking forward to exploring science with the kids!

  152. We’ve used Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy when the boys were smaller. Loved it and all of the activities. We’re currently using Apologia General Science with our 8th grader.

  153. My 6th grader is hoping for this!! He is more drawn to the Chemistry/Physics side of science while the nurse in me just wants to talk about human anatomy!

  154. Michelle Underwood says:

    My friend used some of the books last year. I looked through them and thought they were amazing!

  155. We have used Astronomy with my daughter. She is using Zoology 1 with a co-op this year, also.

  156. We’ve used all but the anatomy and this new chemistry/physics book. I’m so excited that it’s now available!

  157. We have NOT used Apologia YET but I am very interested in using it possibly next year =)

  158. We are using Zoology 1 and love it! We’ll do the whole Exploring Creation series for sure. :)

  159. We have not used Apologia Science but have heard awesome things about it and would love to try it.

  160. We are using the astronomy book this year! We are so excited!!

  161. I haven’t had a chance to use Apologia yet, but my 7-year-old twins have chosen this series this school year. I would LOVE to win it!

  162. Tammy Jones says:

    We will be doing Apologia Exploring Botany this year.

  163. My daughter would love this. Science is her favorite!

  164. Jennifer Taylor says:

    I’m so sad that I found this after already starting another science program! Thinking about buying it and starting over! This would be RIGHT up my boys’ alley!

    • Oh, don’t be sad, Jennifer! Do what you feel you are lead to do.

      • Jennifer Taylor says:

        Thank you! I have very mechanically inclined boys! We are doing Apologia General science for my 7th grader, and it seems so dry and boring so far. Hopefully it will improve, or we will switch! I think he would benefit from learning science that he loves, even if it is below his grade level. We have loved all the Apologia books so far! Thanks for the encouragement!

  165. robbie marley says:

    I have not used apologia but looking forward to trying it out