Dear Mom Who Thinks Her Days are Short

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Psalm 139:16

Dear Mom Who Knows Her days Are Short,

How can I sit here and write this to you? You have encouraged me and so many other Moms over the years. How can I encourage you?

You are there, with pain that never ceases – clinging on to each and every moment you have. The pain wracks your body,  breaths are hard to take, yet you keep going.

You keep reaching out and encouraging over emails and blog posts.  Your book
sits by my comfy chair. I pick it up, I thank God for your words that I can read anytime I need them and I pray  - oh, how I pray that a miracle would come and take away the pain you are experiencing.

I pray.

I pray for you, your family, friends, your husband and your children. I pray for all of us. I pray that the world will wake up and live life the way you are. You – you are so aware that your days may not be many. But, you are living for others, serving, sharing, loving and growing.

I pray

I pray selfishly over the little things that hinder my day. I pray over my own little aches and pains and then, out of the blue, another email. A small request followed by a thank you – a  blessing from YOU.

Sweet friend, I don’t know how to reply to you. I want God to take it away and leave you whole. It’s never easy watching a friend go through the loss of a loved one. But, to watch a friend go through what you are going through, it cuts too deep. It cuts to the core of who I am.

I pray.

I pray that I remember-each breath I take is a gift. I pray that I will remember-each and every word I speak and the tone that I use will last an eternity.

I pray.

It’s all I can do. Some days, it seems so small – and yet, it’s so large it fills the earth. My prayers – are heard by the King of Kings – the Ruler and Creator of all things – the Alpha and Omega – they are heard by the unspeakable one – the One who loves us so deep He sent His son….

and HE loves you!

You, dear friend – you keep me real. You push me harder and encourage me through your strength and determination. I hold on to the short conversations we have enjoyed. I hold on to the sound of your voice. I even hold on to the memories of watching you walk the hallway with your blessings. I hold on to your smile and I hold on to our savior.

So, how do I write to you and tell you I don’t want you going through this? How do I write you and tell you to Hold ON TO God!? How do I write you and tell you each breath I breath, I give thanks for you – and I pray blessings over you.

My Mother – has been gone almost 5 years. I look at her picture, I hear her voice in my mind. Her memory is still there and it is for many. And like her – my own life will be a memory one day. I hold on to that thought – to the thought of a legacy we all will leave and I ponder – should I be the one racked in pain with my days numbered, what would that legacy be?

Yours, sweet friend – is one of beauty. And it is still being written! YOU KEEP WRITING and encouraging. You keep reaching out to the masses. You keep following the command to ‘go and make Disciples of all nations’ and you do it without selfish intentions. You do it – to shine the light of Christ.

And you shine it well.

To any Mom going through days of pain – whatever it may be. Even if the Dr’s have given your life a number – know that the only one who truly knows is the one who created you and knew your thoughts and actions before you came to be.

He loves you and has a plan for your life…. and part of His plan for me – is to pray for you.

You are loved.

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  1. I will pray for your friend and her family. Whether it’s healing or Heaven, God’s plan is perfect.