Where there is death

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Where there is death there is life

My husband just left with a meal for a young Father and his three young children. His oldest blessing is the age of our youngest. It’s the first of many meals we will be sharing with them….  Where there is death, there is a need.


It isn’t a stranger to me, nor is it a stranger to my husband. These young babes hold part of our hearts in their hands. It’s been a little over a week since their Mother was killed in a tragic accident. She too, young and filled with a desire to be with her children – so she worked those late hours most of us are sleeping so she could be the wife and mom she was created to be.


It waits for no one. The Father has ordained the days of our lives. It’s hard during times like these when you see little ones suffer the death of a loved one to understand His grace and mercy. My husband’s father died when he was just 7. Oh, our little guy – is at that age now. Losing a parent is never easy. And our oldest son, he is approaching the age my oldest brother was – when a ‘tragic accident’ claimed his life. Me, I was 5 – my brother was 14. His death, like the death of my husband’s father – still impacts the lives of many around us.

Where there is death, there are lives changed forever. No life can ever face that moment of death and not truly sit and ponder the meaning of this life and how we should live it. The last few months of my Mother’s life were filled with so many emotions I did not know how to deal with. I was angry and hurt over much of my child hood. My mind was flooded with memories of nights alone, moments of anger and lashing out and I failed to see much of what she had done for me. It’s amazing how we tend to hold on to the bad.

Before she died, she called me and gave me the best gift a mom could give a child. The gift of life through the beauty of words that needed to be spoken. It was one of our last conversations.  Rebecca, you’re home with them.  You made a difficult choice financially, but it’s the right choice and God will carry you through and honor your commitment.  Don’t make the same mistakes I made….you will be tempted.  I love you and you are a great Mom.  You have the life I always wanted…..please cherish it.” Those words still ring in my mind. They are part of the reason I quit blogging.

My littles are growing fast. They deserve a Mom who is here to disciple, equip and encourage them.

As I sit and pray for these littles who will receive food from Mothers that did not bear them – I pray that they know the love of their own Mother and that God will encircle their family with an overwhelming sense of love so pure they only see Him through this tragedy.

When there is death, lives are changed.

Walking through the pain of death is never easy. Once you’ve tasted the bitter taste of loss that can never be replaced, it changes a soul…..

It’s time for change. It’s time for Moms to step up and be wives and moms who bring glory to the Father. Let’s be that Super Mom at home and not give any opportunity for that thief the devil to take our children or warp their minds with his lies. It takes guts, Moms to stand out and not follow the ways of the world. Let’s not wait until it’s too late. Let’s honor those Moms who came before us – who made the hard choices and placed being a wife and a Mom before all other things…..

Where there is death, there is life - but, where will that life be – in the eternity?


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  1. This post brought tears to my eyes! Beautiful words, Rebecca. Praying that God comforts their family and yours.

    Love you!

    ~ Steph

  2. This is so wonderful, I have stayed at home for 36 years and still have 3 kids at home, that I home school. We are in a serious situation financially and I keep saying I should just get a job even though I really want to be home with them. My husband says we will figure it out and wants me to stay home with the kids. What a guy. Thanks for this encouragement.

  3. Julie Reynolds says:

    This is beautiful Rebecca! Praying for that precious family and that God will use your family in glorious ways to minister to them.

  4. Amen. There is so much loss and hurt, but there is a life worth living.
    And I thank you. We struggle financially because my salary was nice and I stay home now. I only have one child. We struggle. I think “I have to stop homeschooling and go back to work”… the devil creeps into my thoughts. It is hard some times.
    But I agree. God wants me to be here and he will help me find a way.
    God bless you and thanks for the reminder.

  5. Praying for that family. How awful.

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