Cleaning the Leaves Kitchen Sink and Living Room Floor

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Train a Child to do Chores

Last week, I shared my thoughts about why the leaves, kitchen sink and living room floor matter.  I was amazed at the feedback I received both on my blog, through private messages on facebook, as well as email.

I discovered I wasn’t alone in thinking that a clean home and training children to help with chores are two very important aspects of being a Mother.

Being a Wife and a Mother is a myriad of ongoing moments.  Some filled with laughter and giggle – others with tears.

The laughter is sweet when it is flavored with the salty of tears most days. That is where we grow.

Through that discussion, many of you asked how I keep my house clean. So, I want to share how we have run our home.

Daily Habits for a Clean Home

When the kids were all little, we would spend a few minutes every hour (on the hour) cleaning up.  We would sing the Tidy Up, Tidy Up song by Dr. Jean
Singing was (and is) a fun way to clean and it kept the house from being a complete disaster. It also helped the children find toys they had forgotten about from earlier in the day.

Until my children were 5, they would take naps in the afternoon.  Before nap time, we would spend more time cleaning up – making sure all toys, clothes, etc were put away where they belong. During nap time, I would begin dinner (prep work). This helped me focus on them while they were up and finish up in the kitchen in a timely manner.

Now, the kids are older and they can help more. But, that still means shoes can pile up, clothes thrown down and books can be found everywhere.

However, we still use the: Tidy Up Rule.  We tidy up throughout the day and each child has a daily chore. Every  month one child is assigned to kitchen duty, while another is assigned to laundry duty.  I switch them up each month and I identify the weakness we need to work on in each area. While these two jobs pertain to my older children, the little guy is responsible for helping them, taking out the trash and keeping the shoes picked up.

Weekly Habits for Deep Cleaning Your Home

Every week, we clean (or bless) our home on Fridays.  Again, each child has an assignment.  One child cleans the bathrooms, one vacuums (while I secretly dream of a Rotech Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner W/remote Control (4-in-1 Series) Vacuuming, Sweeping, Disinfecting, Mopping. Model Rv12, Silver)
and one dusts.

Me, I sweep, mop, iron and help train each child in their chores.  And yes, I rotate these, as well.  Each child has each chore for 3 months, then we swap.

Overall, I have found it very helpful to train each child in one area for a few weeks. This gives them a good opportunity to really learn how to serve/clean in that area, creating good work habits and no opportunity to say “It wasn’t my fault/it isn’t fair.”

We begin each chore/cleaning time with prayer and we play music. If all chores are done well and with a good attitude, we may have a treat like ice cream or a soda.

Watch the Attitude, Mom

One thing I have noticed as a Mom – my attitude matters.  If I am walking around and complaining about cleaning the house, my children do not see a cheerful servant. They see a grumpy Mom who is bothered by her children’s presence.  I’ll be honest, I’ve fallen into this habit on more than one occasion and it quickly came back to bite me as my children did the same thing.

So, try to make it fun with something your family enjoys. Make up some cleaning games, set some goals, have an activity ready for afterwards.

Resources to Help With Chores

If you need help with finding an appropriate chore for your children, my friend Toni, The Happy Housewife, has created one that is great for children ages 2+.

You can also read this book:  When Mother Lets Us Help through your google reader – for FREE!

When Mother Lets Us Help

I’d love to hear – how are you keeping your home clean?


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  1. Rachel M. Dow says:

    Thank you for the link to the book! I will be reading it tonight! :o) You and your blog continue to bless, encourage & challenge me!

    • Rachel, thank you for your comment. I was so excited when I found that book this morning. It wasn’t originally part of my post. However, I was reading my friend Jennifer’s blog – Contently Humble and she had a link to a book. When I looked at it, I saw that I had this one saved in my Google Player – I had completely forgotten it!

  2. This is such an important topic. I taught my children to help with chores and found that such a help in my finding the time to homeschool, save my energy for other things, and in teaching them some work ethics not to mention character/godliness. The important thing is to teach them these things because there will come a time when they will have to decide whether to embrace it themselves or not.

    • Yes, there will come a time when they will have to do it on their own. It’s a journey – this life we live. It’ easy to think we are here to be served, because Christ served us so well. But, to serve others – that brings joy. Judith, thank you for stopping by today!

  3. I love having the kids help out! It’s a double blessing as it alleviates my load and teaches them responsibility and pride in a job well done. I like the idea of keeping them on a chore for a longer period of time, I think we need to do more of that!

  4. Thanks for this post. I have been searching for simple practical system. I have tried elaborate chore charts but cannot get buy in from the family. This sounds like something I can accomplish and I really like that you pray before your cleaning time and that you call it blessing your home. Miss you at Allume!

  5. We actually do a home blessing every single day here. With 10 people living in 1600 sq feet, it needs it.
    We do all that stuff daily, so that our weekends aren’t just cleaning. It only takes us about 30-45 minutes in the morning after breakfast. We work in teams and switch off jobs every few months. It has built a sense of teamwork and cooperation in my kids to do it this way. And for my 2 oldest at home right now, they have things that aren’t time sensitive so they can do them when they aren’t working. It works for us!!

    • Dawn, I’d love to “see” how you do this daily. We have 8 living in 1600 sq feet and it needs a home blessing daily as well, but I’m a bit overwhelmed with where to start. I know all of my kids can help (ages 10,8,7,5,4,4). I would expect myself to have more rhythm than I do… I’m blaming it on life.. ;) Last year I was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and after my thryroidectamy was told I had Hashimoto’s. This explained years of being exhausted, anxious, etc. Those years were also filled with having babies..blessings. I went through radiation and had my one year scan recently – came back clean. Now that I’m healthy I’m really turning toward my home – taking better care of it, getting into a routine, etc. It sounds much easier than it is. The one thing I’ve been doing lately is getting rid of excess in our home. Clutter. This has been good..but we still need a routine of cleaning. We educate our children at home so we could do this after breakfast cleanup. You can message me here or email crwilson0179 at gmail dot com. Thanks!

      • Christa,
        You are welcome to visit my blog for some encouragement. I will tackle this topic specifically on my new blog which is going live in January. Blessings to you. It’s a busy time of life, but it can be done with JOY.

    • Dawn, it sounds like you need to write a post on how you do this. If you do, let me know so that I can share it with my readers…

  6. Great post, Rebecca! It is so important. I like your idea of a kitchen helper. We have a small kitchen and I am finding that EVERYONE in the kitchen is NOT feasible.

  7. Hi Rebecca! I have chosen your post to be featured on Hearts for Home Blog Hop…..stop by my blog to grab your button :) Also….I would love to know your settings for you posts under the main posts? I can’t seem to get it to look right :)

  8. I love this! I did train my kids when they were younger….we had Zones…a combo of Flylady and Michelle Dugger….I was not taught how to clean when growing up so it was important to me that my children know how.

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