Christmas Hymn Study

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Christmas Hymn Study - every family should use this to find a deeper love and joy during this Christmas season
A few weeks ago, my friend Kim sent me a message asking if I would like a hymnal study for Christmas. My answer was – YES! Yes, I would absolutely love anything that would teach my family about the beautiful Christmas Hymns I love to sing.

Away she went – researching, writing and creating . Today, she posted her new Christmas Hymn study, and sent a copy to me for our family to use, which I am so incredibly excited about.

So excited, that I had not planned on writing tonight, but could not wait to share this with you.

My excitement is not just about the study, but the fire the Lord has placed in Kim’s heart to share His love with others. She hasn’t had an easy life. Kim’s husband left her and her four children not too terribly long ago and due to different circumstances, she is writing on her blog, creating different products

these prayer cards,

JOY Prayer Cards

an eBook based on children of divorce: Not a Statistic (and a Journal for children)


Not a Statistic Bundle Deal
and now this- Christmas Hymn study 

My prayer is that you will rejoice with me in purchasing this book (and any other that Kim has created.  I know you will be blessed and you will be helping a single Mom support her family.

Am I pulling at your heart strings a little? Without a doubt, I am. My own mother raised me and my brother. I know what it’s like watching a Mom struggle to make ends meet. But, I’m not just telling you this without stating this: I have read and used almost all of these products. The journal for the Not a Statistic, I have not used. But, I have read the book, and her prayer cards (which will be in my children’s gifts for Christmas) and we will be using the Christmas Hymn Study.

I hope you will use it, too.


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  1. I’ve always been fascinated by hymns! Those prayer cards look pretty cool too, I think they’d make a great stocking stuffer!

  2. I am glad your friend is able to cling to her faith in trying times and some wonderful products are the result. Although divorce has never touched me personally, so many people around me are dealing with it’s effects. I am glad there are some resources to especially help kids cope.

  3. Good for her creating new products! I love the prayer cards! Too cute!

  4. Thanks for sharing this – it looks like a wonderful resource! I found this post through the Ultimate Homeschool Link-up. I would love it if you shared at my new link-up: :)

  5. Those prayer cards are so cute! And that ebook could be so helpful.

  6. What a great gift idea…I like that there are songs, prayer cards and activities.

  7. I ordered this unit study. I guess I thought it was an ebook. But I don’t see it in my email or anything. I’m OK waiting for a book, (prefer that anyway) …. was just curious what to expect.

    Thanks Vickie

  8. I love those prayer cards! I definitely will be checking it out.

  9. I will have to check this out for my step-dad.

  10. I never heard of a Christmas hymn study. I like when I learn new things.

  11. Liza @ Views From the 'Ville says:

    I haven’t heard of this study before. But I love Christmas hymns, so this could be interesting. I bet my Mom would love it.

  12. I think the prayer cards are my favorite part of this.

  13. i a lso like to support fellow moms and small business owners :)

  14. This sounds like a really sweet gift for the holidays. Thanks for sharing!

  15. The prayer cards would make a wonderful gift for my mom.

  16. I need those prayer cards! They would be wonderful to have.

  17. I would love this for a Hanukkah gift!

  18. I was surprised to see so many activities in that book!

  19. what a great idea. I love that it’s an ebook. The prayer cards would be great stocking stuffers too, I think.

  20. I love the prayer cards, the best part for sure.

  21. This looks interesting. I love all the old hymns.

  22. I would definitely like to do this! I love the prayer cards – I definitely would like to get some!

  23. I can’t seem to see this when I download also.

  24. The e-book above. I can’t seem to find it after I downloaded.

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