Dear Homeschool Mom who is TIRED

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Homeschool Mom Needs Refreshment

I’m writing to all of my Homeschool Mom friends today.

Yes, I’m writing this to you today because I know it can be a hard road to walk.┬áThis day in and day out of reaching up to the one who gives us strength to pour out on our families who need our love, support, guidance and encouragement can wear any Mom down. It can drain us dry of the very last ounce of energy we have in our bones.

We live in a world that is becoming hostile to our Christian beliefs and our desire to educate and disciple our children.

The world is screaming at you to send them back to the government schools. “You can’t do what you’re doing – your children won’t learn and you’re not going to raise adults who are tolerant of others.” These things we hear they go against everything we are teaching our children. I know, you are teaching your children to be loving, kind, gentle and to respect others. Yes, I know – I see. I see you sitting there, loving and encouraging while guiding their hearts to the one who can lift them up and change them-real life change that grows them into being a humble leader with a servant’s heart.

Yes, I see you. You’re sitting there, tired and ready to bury your head. You’re strong in your heart and so ready to keep pushing forward, but really, you need someone to come along side and tell you -

“You are doing the right thing and I am proud of you.”

Living Water is available - come and be refreshed

You need refreshment that only comes from the one true living water.

Oh, to drink deep from the one who gives us living water that will last an eternity – that never fails to sustain us and always quenches our hearts with the love that it can only receive from the one who loves us most.

Sweet sister, I’m there with you.

I want to sit at the well with you, where the water of the one who loves us dearly will meet us and hear our prayers, laughter and wipe away our tears.

Real Refreshment Cyber Monday Sale

Join me for Real Refreshment in Atlanta February 21-22 or in Baltimore March 7-8. This will be my third year attending Real Refreshment. It is one of the two things I must do every year in order to stay refreshed. It’s the one place I can go and be encouraged, refreshed and know that I am surrounded by sisters who are walking the same path I am on.

Please come, let’s pray, laugh, cry and have a good time together….

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  1. Oh how this is something my heart, mind, and body would love! Thank you for this powerful post and acknowledging that you see us! Much love to you, sis! I miss you something fierce!

  2. Kathryn Coard says:

    Wish I could come,but I am in Australia.

    But thank you for these words, I was just saying to my husband tonight that I am more tired than usual as we come to the end of our school year.

  3. Sounds wonderful :) I continue to pray for something like that in Australia. Tara.

  4. I have never heard of this conference before. I wish I were closer. May I link your post on my new blog? It is for burned out veteran homeschool moms, moms who are considering school, and former homeschooling moms to encourage each other.

    • Lisa, I would love for you to join us! Many Moms fly in from all over the country and it’s definitely for all Moms who homeschool. I am honored you would ask if you can link to it – YES – please do! Please share this with anyone and everyone!!!