Finding Real Joy at Christmas

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Finding Real Joy in the presence of God is the fullness of joy

When I was a little girl, my Mom would play Christmas music and decorate the house to make it look like a Christmas paradise. We had lights in every plant and tree in the house. The Christmas tree had a theme every year and we always had plenty during this time of year.

My Mom was a hair dresser and her clients would always give her extra tips so we could buy yummy food and have presents under the tree. But, my Mom was never satisfied with just presents or food for us, she always baked and cooked for others.

Our home was open at Christmas to the many who had no one to share the real joy of Christmas with.

Truly, my Mom taught me that real joy is found in loving others like Christ did. She taught me to serve and give even though we were poor, we always had enough to share with others. Finding Real Joy At Christmas Prayer Journal

Download Finding Real Joy A Mother’s Prayer Journal at Christmas

I remember watching her cook and clean late into the night – even after a long day of making others look beautiful in the salon. She still had time to do more. I pray that as my children grow, I am able to teach them the same. I want them to know that real joy came in a manger. He, our savior did not come here to be served, but to serve.

Real Joy is serving and doing all things to glorify the God of all creation – the God of my savior and to serve Him through all that we think, say or do. Real Joy comes in opening our hearts and homes to anyone who crosses our path.

Real Joy is what we give, not what we receive. Finding Real Joy at Christmas Copywork

Download Finding Real Joy Copywork for All Ages

Today, I want to give you something. A free Prayer journal for Moms and copywork for children of all ages to find Real Joy at christmas.

The Finding Real Joy prayer journal is similar to my first prayer journal as well as the Give Thanks Prayer Journal. While the prayer journal was created for Moms, it can be shared with your children, if you would like. (I think it would make a great family devotional).

In addition, I have created Finding Real Joy Copywork for All Ages based off of the same verses in the Prayer journal.  It contains normal manuscript, cursive and lines for early learners. I pray this blesses you and your family. Most of all, I pray it helps you find real joy and brings you closer to Christ.


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  1. I read a bible verse the other day about finding joy in everything, including our pain. I am trying to look at everything God has given me and find the joy in it. For that reason we are having a very simple Christmas, with more emphasis placed on what we give than what we get.

    • Can you please tell me what verse you read about finding joy in everything, including pain? Thanks!

  2. I always think its such a shame that artists aren’t paid for their work – hairstylists are in need everyday – I wonder what booth fees and product fees are so eating up the profits. I’m glad that your mom knew the value of giving back and taught ya’ll the same.

  3. That story about your Mom is inspiring. We had some Christmas decorations each year in our home, but Christmas itself was mostly just eating a lot and arguing even more because of het suffocating atmosphere.

  4. Lovely, Rebecca! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  5. This will be a blessing to our family – thank you!

  6. Such a sweet thing to do!

  7. Thank you for sharing and having it in your heart to be a blessing in others lives. I always say being a servant is being a leader because the best way to lead is by example.

  8. I love your mom’s advice. I feel like it’s so easy to forget what the holiday season is all about amidst all of the consumerism and hype. I agree that real joy comes from helping others and being open to anyone whom we encounter, regardless of their lifestyle or how different they may be from us. Thanks for posting this reminder of what matters! :)

  9. Thank you for your generous heart and sharing this Journal. It’s always important to remember the reason for the season.

  10. Your mom sounds like an inspiration! We try giving back as much as we can during the holidays, and I hope we instill the same joy of giving in our kids.

  11. this is a great reminder. we are christmas crazy in our house but a big part of that is also doing for others. even my little 8 year old brownies want to do for other, and we decided that we’ll spend half of our last fundraising earnings to adopt a family for the holidays. and then, i challenged my girls to each earn just $2 at home by our next meeting. I’ve had at least 10 parents email to say their daughter is over $10 earned to donate. i think if we give people the chance and show them how wonderful giving to others can be, they’ll “get” it too and want to know the joy of giving to someone just to give.

    • YES, we just have to shine the light a little and as their eyes are opened, they will join in and we can start a ‘serving others’ revolution!

  12. This is very inspirational. Sadly, it’s been a while since I kept a prayer journal.

  13. What a great journal to keep track of this. Christmas is the perfect time to find true joy. It’s my happiest time of the year.

  14. Your mom sounds like an amazing woman, thanks for sharing these memories and dreams with us!

  15. Thank you for sharing, that’s very kind of you. We make a big effort to give back this time of year & all year long as well.

  16. That is beautiful. It would make a great gift.

  17. I am definitely going to share this link with my sister. I think she would truly enjoy your prayer journal. Ironically she is also a hair dresser. :-)

  18. I could see that over time this would really encourage your thoughts to flow once you got used to releasing it on the pages.

  19. That is a beautiful story about your mom. I hope that I am inspiring my children to be kind and generous adults.

  20. Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman. It’s great to have people like her to learn from in this world :)

  21. Your mom sounds like she was a great woman, thanks for sharing. I hope you remember her fondly during this time of year and find some joy. I think it’s important to find the joy during Christmas, it can be so commercialized and a prayer journal could be a way to do just that.

  22. Thank you so much for sharing these.

  23. I downloaded the copywork file even though my children don’t write yet. It’s so cute and uplifting, they will use it some day. :) Thank you also for the mom’s journal. I love your new profile picture, btw.

    • Thank you Adriana. I pray it will bless many. I am updating some copywork I created last year for the Christmas Story and Praying a Mother’s Journal will accompany it.

  24. Wendy Adam says:

    Rebecca, thank you for the blessings you have carried on to us. Could you please let me know if you have hard bound copies of these for purchase? We have some women in our bible study who need these.

    • Wendy, wow, what a blessing to read your comment. I don’t have a publisher printing these – but, anyone can download them and print it from any location. I pray this journal (and any I may create) will bless many and bring them closer to God.