History Revealed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review and Giveaway

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History Revealed Review and Giveaway from Answers in Genesis and Mom's Mustard Seeds

I recently received  History Revealed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible (by Diana Waring) from Answers in Genesis in exchange for my honest opinion.

History Revealed is a curriculum written by Diana Waring that has been designed to teach the truth about history (from creation) maintaining God as central to understanding and in a way that will be delightful to all learning styles.

In this curriculum, Mrs. Waring has taken into consideration the

  • four learning styles :
    • feeler
    • intuitor
    • thinker
    • sensor
  • three learning modalities
    • visual
    • auditory
    • tactile/kinesthetic
  • eight intelligences
    • intrapersonal
    • bodily-kinesthetic
    • musical
    • math/logical
    • naturalist
    • spatial
    • linguistic

Is your head spinning a little? Mine was when I reading through the curriculum. I will be honest, I was a little overwhelmed and ready to close the books and walk away. But, I couldn’t. I had heard so many really good things about this curriculum, I wanted to see what was inside, not just by reading it but by immersing our family (as much as possible).

History Revealed Curriculum from Answers in Genesis

What’s Included in History Revealed Ancient Civilizations & the Bible:

This curriculum uses a Teacher’s Text, Student Text,Elementary Activities, Elementary Activity Book, CDs’ and a testing booklet. Each item can be purchased individually or as a kit ($99.00).

Ancient Civilizations & the Bible has 9 Units of Learning:

  • Creation & The Flood
  • the Rise of Civilizations
  • Egypt & The Exodus
  • The Children of Israel
  • Assyria & Babylon
  • The Persians & Medes
  • Greece & the Hellenists
  • The Rise of Rome
  • Jesus Christ, Immanuel

Each Unit is taught over a period of 4 Weeks or what’s called 4 Phases. These weeks are taught in a way that will help make the learning in your home become active, rather than passive. (I love that)

I want to explain each phase to help you truly understand them. We have only finished the first unit (the first 4 weeks of learning, so I will share my thoughts and information from that perspective.

Learning with History Revealed

Phase 1: Introduction

This phase sets the foundation for the four weeks of learning you experience in each unit.  During week one, you read text that gives great information about the unit and you listen to several tracks on 1-3 of the cd’s that come with the track. I was excited to learn about the Egyptian symbol for boat, which basically points back to Noah’s Ark, as it consists of the number 8, mouth and a boat.

While the text gives great information you can stick with, it also provides online articles to read  and gives you a list of books to read during the four week learning experience. We were blessed to have several of these books on hand and did not have to purchase them.

The Student text provides questions for the students to answer and an end of unit student self-evaluation to help the student determine if they are understanding the concepts and facts given.

My children loved having the opportunity to pull out some of the books we have on dinosaurs and the flood. I was thrilled to sit and read with them and loved listening to one book we have had for a while – The True Story of Noah’s Flood. This book is great and the copy we have came with a cd so my little guy can sit and listen to it anytime he wants to.

Learning with History Revealed

Phase 2: Exploration & Discovery

This is the week I was a little concerned about and the most excited, at the same time.  My children have completed some research in the past, but have not always enjoyed it. Given that this week is primarily about researching and report – I was a bit apprehensive. However, my oldest child grabbed hold of learning about Catastrophic Plate Tectonics, Metallurgy and Cavitation  - and had a blast.

My middle child learned a great deal about animal husbandry during this week.  She went into it with one mindset and came out with a completely different one.

The little guy and I  learned about Metallurgy and Catastrophic Plate Tectonics together. I read, he listened and then, he narrated back to me. It was interesting listening to him talk with his brother about the two topics. They both learned so much and added to one another’s ideas on both topics.

This unit ended up blessing me as it opened up my children’s eyes to even more possibilities for the future God has planned for them. My oldest came to me at the end of the weeks and said, “Mom, I think I’ll be a geologist when I’m grown. I want to learn more about plate tectonics and help teach the world the truth. Do you think that could be a ministry for God I can use to support my family.” YES! Insert the beaming Mama smile in that one sentence.

Overall, my two older children stepped up, read, researched and wrote their papers with eager hands and minds. I was quite pleased with this and believe they witnessed their little brother step up and raise the bar for them.

This week includes vocabulary words to watch out for and a student self-evaluation.  The children and I read through the words and I was intentional about talking with them about the words and having them identify the words to me as they researched and wrote their

Garden of Eden

Phase 3: Hands-On

Hands – on – learning is one of the favorites in this house. I knew this week would be one the kids would really enjoy and I was right. During this phase, your children create maps, study art (IE, artwork that pertains to the era you are studying or even art work that was created then) as well as understanding other scientific studies (IE the flood), music  and cooking.

This week began with an opportunity to create maps that pertained to the period of time we were learning about. We pulled out our Bibles, our Atlas and the text book and went to work. The children enjoyed this and I think it’s a great way to help make the Bible more concrete in our minds.

Everyone enjoyed looking at the artwork the book recommends, as well as learning about jewelry, construction and a family tree.  We would love to lean more about Copper working ( this was recommended) but we will have to wait a bit for that one.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of what the children enjoyed the most – they created a Cavitation in our creek behind our house. This is something they do often, now they know he science and history behind it!

Children are given an opportunity to write papers on what they learn using their knowledge and creativity

Phase 4: Expression

This week wraps up your learning as you are given several ideas for sharing what you have learned over the previous three weeks of learning.  All of my children participated and I was very pleased with how their individual learning and creative styles were well on display.

My oldest wrote a paper based on a young giraffe who was one of the giraffes taken on the ark. He was able to pull in so much of the history in the Bible while showing the light-hearted way a young giraffe would view what was happening around him as he was ‘called’ to the ark with one of his child-hood friends.  He wrapped up his learning by carving a bar of soap into a fish.

My sweet girl wrote Noah’s story in her own words and included her own artwork. She was so careful to include the facts as they are written in the Bible and I loved watching her type, draw and just grow in the Lord. She and her little brother also created her own version of The Garden of Eden. I think it turned out wonderful and I loved watching them create something together.

The little guy, well, he sat with me and told me what to write and he attempted some carving but his hands are not quite proficient enough yet. But, he worked hard and diligently.


Overall, this is a great curriculum. I love the way the various learning styles are pulled in, children are given creative ways to learn and grow. In addition, I love the way Diana Waring identifies truth found in the Bible and even provides opposite world view thoughts while sharing God’s truth and an appropriate response using the gospel.


This curriculum does take a little getting used to if you are not a text book family. While I say it is a text book it isn’t a true text book curriculum. That is the only con – it just takes a little getting used to.

Overall Opinion

We think this is a good  curriculum to add to our home. I think we will enjoy it more as we become more accustomed to it and I know it will be beneficial as they continue to grow up and mature.

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Now, for the really fun part! You have a chance to enter to win any ONE  full History Revealed Curriculum Pack. You may select: Ancient Civilizations & the Bible, Romans Reformers Revolutionaries OR World Empires World Missions & World Wars

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I received a copy of History Revealed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible curriculum in exchange for my honest opinion. No other compensation was received and a positive review was not required.

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