2014 Goals and Announcements

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2014 Goals

I have to say, I am really excited about 2014. I did not think I would be, but I am. We are experiencing major changes in our home as we (my husband and I) and our children grow a little bit older. Honestly, I’ve been resisting those changes. But, now I’m grabbing on tight and looking forward to this new part of the journey and I can’t wait to take you along with me! So, today, I want to share a few announcements, my 2014 goals.

2014 Goals

I will admit, I have never written my goals down – but, Crystals’ book: Say Goodbye to Survival Mode: 9 Simple Strategies to Stress Less, Sleep More, and Restore Your Passion for Life, as well as a few key conversations with my friend Toni have helped me to remember how important this is….


Rejoicing Daily  from Rebecca at Mom's Mustard Seeds I am launching a new podcast on January 23rd. My amazing community on facebook requested it and after many months of prayer, I am excited to announce – Rejoicing Daily at The Ultimate Homeschool Radio Network.  You can read all about the show and my special guests HERE.



I will be leading two prayer sessions at Real Refreshment Retreat for Homeschool Moms this year. So, I will be in Atlanta (Feb 21-22) and Baltimore (March 7-8).  I would love to see you there!





My family is growing and I am experiencing some changes in homeschool I had not contemplated. Our depth of study is growing as concepts being learned become more complicated. While my children are growing into independent learners, they are all at very delicate ages right now. My youngest is fine-tuning his reading skills and my older two are entering into the age when discernment is key. That means, my time will be more limited here, but I love spending time with all of you and have received your emails and messages about missing my writing.  So, I am making a commitment to writing when God places something on my heart to share.


New Resources

Free Christian Deals for Every Season

Free Christian Deals I have created some new pages filled with Free Christian Deals and Resources. You can find them here.

Mom Resources

Ultimate Resources for Moms When I read this post, I realized I needed to continue the Ultimate Mom Resources for all of you. However, hosting a weekly link up is not possible right now. So, I have created a new pinterest board and have invited a lot of my friends who are also focused on providing Moms with fantastic resources.


I have scrapped most of our curriculum from the beginning of the year and am moving over to utilizing Ambelside. I love most of the schedule but, I will make the following changes:

  • We will use Mystery of History for our core history reader
  • I will remove most of the fantasy/greek god literature. My children do not need to read a lot about that topic. They need more of our living God and not become infatuated with pagan Gods. This is something my husband and I are very keen on and base this decision on the many times the Old Testament shares about the pagan gods that were allowed to remain in the region. Now, we won’t ignore it fully, we will cover it a little – but I see no need in dragging it out beyond a general discussion
  • Science – we will continue to focus on materials from Apologia and Answers in Genesis for the basis of our science and nature studies. Again, too many moments spent studying evolution based material (that throws God out of being the true creator)  goes against our core beliefs as well. (yes, they will learn about evolution, but it will not be in the core of their education)

(Yes, Cindy, you can laugh now. For those who don’t know – she wrote this article specifically for me. She’s such a good friend – teaching and growing my heart in love and wisdom – NOT feeding into the emotional side of things)

Are you making changes and writing down your goals?

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  1. Great goals. I have yet to get mine written down.I have so much to revamp. With pregnancy, a toddler, a seven year old and a five year old and still in my first year of homeschooling. Honestly, I am feeling like a big fat failure. I will be doing this this weekend. I love your blog, Rebecca~! You are such a blessing

    • Oh, sounds like some very busy and fun days Elise! Congratulations on your pregnancy and first year of homeschooling. And NO Failure here! NO way! God has you where He wants you and your family. (I’ll tell you, I had to write this because that old liar was making me feel like a failure, too)… Thank you for your encouragement – you bless me and encourage me to keep writing. If I can ever pray for you or provide any additional encouragement, please let me know.

  2. I really would like to see how you implement Ambleside. I’ve considered it for my son (12) many times, but I just can’t figure out how to fit everything in. The other issue is – my son is a very independent learner and would prefer to do most work alone. But I have a hard time getting him to do math and science. I either have to do it with him or be sitting right next to him until it’s done, and then it sometimes takes all day.

    Any Ideas?

    • Lynda,

      Math is a quandry here, as well(for my 12 yr old). Science isn’t when he really focuses on school.But, he is also an independent learner, so I think Ambleside will fit him well. He enjoys reading and I think this will challenge him and keep his mind growing.

      My biggest concern is for my other two and me keeping up with all of the reading.

      Once I have worked into into our home, I’ll give you an update. Cindy has been using it for several months and she has an update on her blog that may give you some insight.

  3. I’ll see YOU in Baltimore, friend! I’ll be working the Apologia booth at the retreat. :)

  4. I love your goal as a wife. I really need to do that as well. Another thing I need to do is get with a group of friends once a month for breakfast. AND…I can’t wait to meet you in Spartanburg!! :)

  5. Sounds like a busy year! I love your faith goals (I have BIble reading goals as well, a little different this year), and I think your goals are well-balanced and quite intentionally relational, which is great. God bless you as you work on them. Joyce

    • Joyce, Thanks for your encouragement. Yes – this year, I am focusing on relationships. We are called to go and make disciples and love others. I can’t do that if I’m not intentional about it. Thank you for stopping by and I pray you are blessed this year, as well!

  6. I did not laugh. Not one little bit. Nope. :-)

    OK, I giggled a little. I hope you love it. The great thing about AO (and anything else in homeschooling, I guess), is that you can keep or toss anything you like.

    • Yes, and another good thing is that since most of the books are free on the public domain, I didn’t spend any money (yet – I do need to order a couple of the books that look really good) and if I don’t like one – I don’t have to ‘throw them’ anywhere. Not that “I” would ever throw a book, but I have heard that there are people out there who do that!


      Thank you sweet friend! You are a blessing!

  7. I am so excited to see what God is doing in your life and the lives of your husband and children. I can’t wait to see how He blesses you as you continue to walk in obedience. Once again, He has us on very similar paths. (And really, I *need* to read that book when it’s released!) Love you!

  8. christina comer says:

    I have similar goals. I am also wanting to work on relationships especially w/my husband and kids :)