Summer Reading List

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Summer Reading List

I recently shared my summer reading books on my instagram feed and a friend asked me for my summer reading list. I took a little break from painting and playing with my children to put this together for you. I hope this encourages you and inspires you to pick up a good books and read. I was reminded of how important this is by my friend Crystal in her book: Say Goodbye To Survival Mode. You can listen to Crystal’s Podcast with me here and glean some wisdom from her heart that is focused on Christ.

And with that, I’m heading back to painting my kitchen cabinets. Thanks, Toni, for inspiring me to tackle jobs that may seem overwhelming but are possible through encouragement from friends and the strength of God.

Growth in Christ

Grow as a Wife

(note, I read the first two years ago and wanted to refresh my mind on them…)

Grow as a Mom

(note, I read the first two years ago and wanted to refresh my mind on them…)

Grow as a Person

Family Reading

Preparing for Next School Year

 Other books I recommend:

What are you reading?



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  1. Gosh, your summer reading list is way more grown up than mine. Considering that I just came from a post deriding video games, which I also love, I’m beginning to think I’m perhaps a bit *too* laid back. But then…nah.

    • Yes, but I have a feeling you have read all of the books I need and want to read. Like Josephus – his works are taunting me right now.

      • Well, I never did finish him. Sometimes you have to know when you’ve got all the information you need. Lol. I do have some serious stuff in the queue, too. Nit that much, though. It’s summer, after all. 😉

  2. Dare Mighty Things: Mapping the Challenges of Leadership for Christian Women by Halee Gray Scott

  3. This year’s personal reading has been hit or miss. I can’t wait to catch up on some reading refreshment over the summer. Looks like a great list!

  4. Pinned and shared. I have Pilgrim’s Progress on my reading list also for the summer (with the kiddos) You have a couple on your list I am headed to check out now. Hope the painting goes well my friend! 🙂 I need some touch-ups around here too.

    • Kelli, Thanks sweet friend. We have read Little Pilgrim’s Progress twice – can’t wait to read Pilgrim’s Progress with the children. The first book: Pagan Christianity is a very good read. I know you will enjoy it. I just began reading it today and am looking forward to the book recommended after it. Though, I am enjoying Andrew Murray and a few others mentioned… I’m reading about 5 of them at one time… crazy I know!
      Sure do miss ya. So blessed by all of your travel pictures this year.

  5. Awesome list. Finally getting around to reading to the very bottom. Going to look into these books asap. Xxoo!!