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Homeschool Curriculum Sale It’s time to clean out some curriculum we no longer need in our home. While part of me wants to hold on to everything we have, I know that is not what I should do and it keeps me from helping other families. With that, below is a list of items I have available for you to purchase.

The price for the curriculum is listed next to the item and includes media mail shipment (to Cont. US only). (Please note, if you are in Canada or overseas, we can discuss curriculum, but will have to identify other arrangement for shipment) Please note, some of the items have (affiliate) links to Amazon with the same or similar curriculum. This will help you look at reviews by others and identify if it is a good fit for you.

All curriculum is used, may have some marks and general shelf wear and tear, but are in over all good condition. In order to purchase curriculum, fill out this form. I will then mark the curriculum as pending payment. I will accept payment only through PayPal. Once payment confirmation has been received, I will mark the curriculum as sold (and place a line through it) and will ship the curriculum out (via media mail) within 2 business days. If you are interested in purchasing curriculum that is ‘pending payment’ please fill the form out anyway. I will email you if the payment is not received on a first come first serve basis.

Curriculum Guides

Sonlight Core 1: Instructors guide in large blue binder for History/Geography (core), Language Arts and Science. (Copyright 1990 and annually 1991-2009) Most of the Language Arts worksheets have been used – you will want new ones. Only a few of the science sheets have been used. Overall, this is in great condition. Price: $50

Sonlight Core 2: (Introduction to World History part 2) Instructors guide in large blue binder for History/Geography (core) and Language arts (Copyright 2003, and annually 2004-2010 ) I have two brand new packets for language arts worksheets. This includes Activity sheets, La readers 2 Intermediate and Grade 2 Intermediate Schedule. (If you purchase this curriculum, I have a much older version and will send that to you free of charge.)  Price: $60

Sonlight Core 3: (Introduction to American History part 1) Instructors guide in large blue binder for History/Geography, language arts and Science. (The science worksheets are new, but you will want new language arts worksheets) (Copyright 1990, and annually 1990-2010 ).   Price: $50


Math U See: Primer (in spiral bound book) Teacher Manual and DVD Price: $10 sold

Math U See: Alpha (Copyright 2010) Instruction Manual (text book) with DVD. Price: $20 – Sold

Math U See: Beta (Copyright 2009) Instruction Manual (Teachers Text Book) with DVD. Price: $20 Sold

Math U See: Songbook and CD. Price $10 (pending payment)

Times Tales – $10  Sold


Hands On Geography – Purchased and never used – brand new condition. Price: $12 – SOLD

Language Arts

I Can Read It Books – Word ListBook 1Book 2, Book 3 Price: $15 (Sold)

Memoria Press First Start Reading Teachers Guide – FANTASTIC condition! Price: $10

Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons (has some writing on cover) Price: $10 (Sold)


The Landmark History of the American People from Plymouth to the Moon (Sonlight Curriculum with some writing) Price: $15

The Story of the USA book 1 and book 2 (Sonlight Curriculum) – only chapters 1-4 have been completed in Book 1 Price: $15

Remembering God’s Awesome Facts – Teacher’s Manual and Student Notebook Price: $15


Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum – $5Sold


Percy Jackson Series (Riordan – soft copy): Book 1, book 2, book 3 and book 4. (some purchased used – still in good condiiton) Price: $15 (sold)

The Lost Hero series (Riordan- hard copy) Book 1 (with cover), book 2 (no cover), book 3 (no cover) Price: $35


You can find lists of curriculum available from other families clearing their shelves to help their family and yours – over at my friend Kim’s site: Not Consumed

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  1. I would love your answers in genesis curriclum! Can you tell me the condition? My only concern is that I have bought used CD/DVDs and found them not to me working…

  2. Ok. Also, I have not seen the “story of USA” books in hand….but we use Sonlight and I pick what I can up ahead of schedule. Do the 4 chapter include lots of writing? Coloring or cutting? Can I erase it? I have children and my oldest 2 will be in core D in the 2015 school year. Will I need to buy multiple books or can I make copies? THANKS!

    • Tara, most is in pencil and can be erased, but a few things are in ink (where I marked answers right/wrong). You will need more than one, as I believe the copyright does state the book should not be copied. If you are interested, I would be more than happy to do my best to erase as much as possible prior to shipping

  3. Erica Stokes says:

    What does the Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum include?

    • This is what the link on amazon explains – and it’s what I have “11” x 8 1/2″ x 3/4″ – 223 pages plus CD ( content by Daniel Lewis plus Student Hand out pages (to be copied) for 30 lessons – and – information charts – for a total of over 285 pages”

  4. Crystal says:

    If Tara doesn’t take the Answers for Kids I would love it. Please let me know. My email is

  5. I do want the AIG Bible.I filled out the online form just waiting to know what to do next? Did I do something wrong?

    • Tara, you filled it out just right. I was working on a big re-org project yesterday and failed to stay up to date. I am so sorry. I have emailed you with information and can’t wait to send it to you.