I am so glad you dropped by to learn about Mom’s Mustard Seeds.


Currently, it’s a blog on hold.

But a life being lived.

Many lives, really…

You can read more about why it’s on hold and may never be revived again HERE. However, I recommend turning off the computer and spending time reading your Bible and in fellowship with friends and family.

That’s what I’m busy doing.




  1. Susan Mizell says:

    Hi there,

    I just wanted to leave you a comment to say that 1. We must be kindred spirits 2. To encourage you in what you are doing and 3. Don’t underestimate your testimony.
    I’m a little further down this road than you are, I’m a mother of 5 and 3 in Heaven. My last 2 at home are 17 and 18, with the older 3 on their own, living their lives for Christ.
    When I read your story, I have to say it blessed me, in a way you might not expect. Let me explain.
    I was a mom at a early age and seemed to be a natural at it. As I had my second child, my husband was happy to be able to have me stay home with them. 5 children later, with the Lords help and guidance my passions were raising my children, homeschooling them and empowering and encouraging women to do the same. Well, as it seemed to me, there were definitely 2 different types of women. Those that were meant to be moms and those that weren’t. ( I know, right ? that was early on before the Lord got a hold of me )
    I could relate to the one and not so much with the other. I couldn’t understand in others, so many of the characteristic you described as your old self. As the Lord continued to work on my heart and vision for those things, I could share His love and not my opinion. I know that there were women the Lord brought my way that were blessed and hopefully had fruit from our relationship or encounter. But, all that to say …….. I don’t know that anything I could have said to someone who’s first priority and passion wasn’t their children, home and being a wife and mom, would have been near as powerful and effective as someone who had had as drastic and powerful of a heart change in that area as you speak of in your testimony. I’m sure the road that got you there included people the Lord used along your way and I’m sure it wasn’t easy, it never is, but when I read your testimony, it 100% represents and glorifies Jesus Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit in your life. You see, some could have felt defeated because it didn’t come natural or thought, “easy for her” and believe the lie that it’s not meant for them. So again, I’m blessed by the work of the Holy Spirit in your life and want to encourage you to continue sharing with whomever the Lord brings your way. I found you through the Homeschool blog contest and am looking forward to reading more wisdom from you. God Bless and Take care. I hope you win

    • Susan, your kind words have touched my heart in a way you will never understand. There were several people who just shared God’s love with me. They never made mention of whether what I was doing was right or wrong in the eyes of Christ….and there were some who did make snide comments…and those hurt….they did not draw me closer to Christ or even a desire to be home…. But, it’s only through the Holy Spirit that I have made any change in my life…or rather…He has. Me, I’m a sinner. I will never reach perfection…until he calls me home. Yet, his process of transforming me and sanctifying me is painfully wonderful….so full of emotions, physical changes….that only a soul who has gone through it can explain. Me…I’m not perfect…I make mistakes daily, but I am so thankful for his grace and mercy. Your words…they place salve on the soul…and a hug from the Father….Thank you!

  2. Thank you for stopping by my site so that I might find yours!
    What a lovely message you bring to the blogosphere, not to mention a darling family.

    For 2012, we go Onward & Upward!


  3. wonderful. real. authentic. Beautiful. so happy to be your friend and learn from you!

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