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First, I LOVE comments.  I love feedback: any type of feedback that grows me and helps my family or the community here, at Mom’s Mustard Seeds

Mom’s Mustard Seeds is a family blog, intended to encourage and inspire others in their daily walk.  Some days,I will write posts about happy life…and other days, I will write about subjects that may be a little controversial.  I am a complex person…in a complex home…living in a complex and crazy world (you too?)

Some of the posts may encourage a few to write comments that are well…not so kind.  So, it is time to implement a comment policy.

I encourage any and everyone to leave comments that either agree or disagree with any statement I make on this blog.  If I am quoting another person, you may kindly state your opinion, but attacking my family or me….well, those comments will be deleted.

In addition, any comments by trollers or spammers, will immediately be deleted.

Because (at this time) I am using And The Winner is for WordPress…if you do not wish to enter a contest and leave a comment stating that (on a contest post), your comment will be deleted, but I will probably respond to you via email (if I have your email address).

If you have any questions regarding my comment policy, please contact me here.

As a side note, I believe in all of the rights we are given by our Creator and all of the laws in our Constitution.  With those rights and laws, each person has a responsibility to themselves and their neighbors (that’s me…while you’re visiting here).  If you are from another country (btw, I LOVE seeing visits from my friends in countries outside of the US)….please know, I love you dearly….and am thankful that you are visiting this site.  While I realize we live under different laws…this blogger lives by the laws of the Constitution of the United States of America!






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