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  1. Afternoon, I like the way you have your blog set up and love the topics. I ‘am retired advocate for children with severe emotional disabilities. I have homeschooled my two teenage sons (one has aspergers and the other has LD & touretts) for past two years. I have been praying that I have settled in at being home full time and feel lead to start a blog.
    I would like to ask what web host site you are using? I ‘am considering using Drupal web site. I would like to have advertizing on it but want to control the content. If you have time could you share with me some tips that you have learn from your blog?
    Have a bless day! Denise

    • Denise, Thank you! And Wow, that sounds like an amazing job you had and you homeschooled two teenage sons! I would love to answer your questions and will email you at the one you provided…..Many Blessings,

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