Death Brings Life

Death Brings Life

Over the past year, our family has faced moments of joy and sorrow. Sometimes, the two are mixed together in ways that caused confusion, yet brought more opportunity for us to grow in our faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. Perhaps you have experienced the same. We have celebrated new friendships, new babies born to friends and the loss of a Mother/Grandmother. Each event came with special moments of growth. New friendships bring excitement and a sense of {Read More}

Building Relationships and Trust

Relationships and Trust

This past year, God put me on a path that I had been praying over for several years. I knew I needed growth in many areas of my life, but I was afraid of reaching out to others. I had been hurt by (and had hurt) others and I just didn’t know where to turn. Through various events in my life, he kept placing me in situations where I had really no choice except to lay down the mask and {Read More}

Simple Homeschool

How to Simply Homeschool

It’s so easy to get caught up in the things we think we need when homeschooling. I remember several years ago, I found myself in a heap of tears because I wasn’t on schedule, we weren’t going to finish all of our curriculum by the end of the year and I felt like an absolute failure. Have you ever been there? But, God is so gracious. He has shown up in ways I never imagined. I want to share two {Read More}