Teach Them Diligently Focused on Discipleship Not Patriarchy as Suggested in Doug Phillips Lourdes Torres-Manteufel

Seeds of Truth

Over the past several years I have witnessed a lot of different situations arise in the Christian Homeschool community. Some of it has warmed my heart and a lot has driven me to my knees. Many of these situations have shown me why many do not want to be part of the homeschool world (even if they do homeschool) and why the world has such a bad mentality toward Christians – especially Christian Homeschoolers….and why I quit blogging. I have {Read More}

Should Christians Call Others Out

Should Christians Call Others Out

¬† I have been the chief of all sinners when it comes to spewing hate and sharing how awful other people are. Maybe I’m alone in this sin. It’s one that ran deep into my soul until God turned me over to that sin and allowed me to take it to the pinnacle it needed to reach in order to lay me low to the ground, confess, repent and turn to Him and His truth rather than my own need {Read More}

Teaching Multiple Science Curricula Gifted and Struggling Learners

How To Teach Multiple Science Curricula to gifted and struggling learners without blowing up the house or losing your mind

Last summer, we finalized our decisions for what we would learn in our homeschool and as I closed the planner, I asked God to give me the strength to follow through where He wanted me to wisdom and make changes when I needed to. This prayer was necessary because I would be teaching three different science curricula for the to our children: one child (who is considered academically gifted), one who struggles (in academics but gifted in creativity) and one {Read More}