Unstoppable Where is God in the Midst of tragedy Review Giveaway


It’s Unstoppable: the constant need to ask questions about the state o f our world. “Is there justice in the world? Why do bad things happen? If there is a God, why doesn’t God heal and fix our problems?” These are questions everyone asks. Unstoppable was inspired by a friend of Kirk Cameron’s who died (at the age of 15) because of cancer, as a means of answering this question. The documentary begins with Kirk is sitting on his front porch. He {Read More}

Wife In Crisis

You can survive when you are a wife in a crisis and you are most definitely not alone.

We ran away and eloped when I was 18. I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew I wanted out and he would be leaving in May. So, I jumped in head first and come May, we packed the car and headed west. We drove from North Carolina to Arizona by way of the mid west to see some of his family. It was an awkward situation, as I really had no idea what would happen {Read More}

In Prayer, We Hold On to God’s Hand


I never knew I would be praying about math, grammar and writing as an adult. I thought those years were behind me when I turned in my last paper for college. Homeschooling was not a topic I had on my mind and definitely something that I never really imagined I would care about. It’s amazing how God takes our lives and shapes them, isn’t it? Homeschool. It’s a word that brings many thoughts to every person who hears or reads {Read More}