Finding Real Joy at Christmas

Finding Real Joy in the presence of God is the fullness of joy

When I was a little girl, my Mom would play Christmas music and decorate the house to make it look like a Christmas paradise. We had lights in every plant and tree in the house. The Christmas tree had a theme every year and we always had plenty during this time of year. My Mom was a hair dresser and her clients would always give her extra tips so we could buy yummy food and have presents under the tree. {Read More}

Give Thanks Prayer Journal and Copywork

Give Thanks Prayer Journal - A Free Prayer Journal for any Mom to use to focus on God and give thanks during anytime of the year.

Last week, my little guy finished his copywork that he began before the end of last year. We were both so excited to read through his booklet and see how much his handwriting and reading have improved since he began the book. While I was thrilled, I was also little sad. He’s my baby. I know he has to grow up, but each milestone is one ‘last’ time. I want to hold him a little longer and capture the lasts . {Read More}

Living In Christ is Never Pragmatic nor a Promise of Prosperity

Philippians 121

I’ve lived an interesting life.  It wasn’t the one I picked out when I was a little girl playing with my dolls.  To be honest, when I was a little girl, I told God quite often I didn’t like my life. I questioned Him and complained non-stop.  After all, what 5/6 year old wants to live through her parents divorcing and her oldest brother and youngest uncle dying within months of each event? It just didn’t seem fair. Then, add {Read More}