Is that and excuse to continue sinning?

It seems that I have a few sins that are prevalent in my life. I wear them like a badge for my family to see. Some of my friends get the opportunity to see them. Others, I do my best to hide them or only commit them when they aren’t around. After all, I’m not perfect and everyday I tell myself: “Don’t be legalistic in your thinking and give yourself grace: after all, you aren’t perfect. Only Jesus was.” But this {Read More}

The Christian Clothing War

I’ve been sitting back the last few months and watching the debates in the Christian community. One in particular that is heating up – I like calling it the Christian Clothing War. It’s one of many that is tearing Christian brothers and sisters apart. It’s one that is dishonoring Christ. It’s also a war (or debate) with consequences that should not surprise any Christian. Everyone has a belief or conviction about what they should (or should not) wear. Even if {Read More}

The Complete Pilgrim’s Progress Pack Review and Giveaway

I have been wanting to use the Complete Pilgrim’s Progress Pack from Answers in Genesis ever since I discovered it. I’ve looked at it at the Creation Museum twice and at homeschool conventions several times, but I never purchased it. Why? Well, because I became overwhelmed. Each time I looked at it, I had been going and going and going and I just couldn’t make my mind stop long enough to look at the curriculum and really understand what it offered. {Read More}