Flags Guns and the Ten Commandments

Just a few random thoughts on some top issues in our society. Flags  The Confederate flag has been in the midst of controversy since a man walked into a church and killed others. His reasons were awful. They are also evidence of what is not being taught in our country. I grew up in the South. I grew up hearing hateful comments about black and whites. Now, I hear racial slurs against people from other nationalities and my heart aches. {Read More}

Sam Sex Marriage and Born Without Sin

This isn’t quite the post I thought would wake up the blog I said goodbye to a few months ago. Honestly, I didn’t think I would wake it up. I wasn’t sure my own heart could handle the many Wyatt’s in the world who seem to cast stones, rather than sit and attempt to understand the words I want to share. So, the blog has been sitting, but I did delete my social media (Facebook, twitter, instagram)…  I can’t control {Read More}

Is that and excuse to continue sinning?

Trusting in the ONE who washed me clean and released me

It seems that I have a few sins that are prevalent in my life. I wear them like a badge for my family to see. Some of my friends get the opportunity to see them. Others, I do my best to hide them or only commit them when they aren’t around. After all, I’m not perfect and everyday I tell myself: “Don’t be legalistic in your thinking and give yourself grace: after all, you aren’t perfect. Only Jesus was.” But this {Read More}