Death Brings Life

Death Brings Life

Over the past year, our family has faced moments of joy and sorrow. Sometimes, the two are mixed together in ways that caused confusion, yet brought more opportunity for us to grow in our faith and trust in our Lord and Savior. Perhaps you have experienced the same. We have celebrated new friendships, new babies born to friends and the loss of a Mother/Grandmother. Each event came with special moments of growth. New friendships bring excitement and a sense of {Read More}

Stop Saying Being Mom is Hard

We need to stop saying Being a Mom is Hard

When I was growing up, my Mom worked a lot. She was a hair dresser during the day and waited tables at night. Sometimes, she had three jobs. That was life. She was divorced, buried her oldest son and she worked. My Mom never walked around saying being a Mom was hard. Life was hard, but she didn’t walk around defeated. It was what it was. And for me, I’m letting go of this idea that just because life isn’t {Read More}

Questions God Asks

Have you ever pondered Questions God Asks

All of my life, I have asked God questions. Why did you do this? Why did this happen? Is this really for my benefit? Can I do this? You want me to do what? This list of questions I have asked is long and extensive, yet it has changed as I have grown closer to him. New questions range from: How can I know you more? To How may I serve you more? The reason those questions have changed is {Read More}