Stop Saying Being Mom is Hard

We need to stop saying Being a Mom is Hard

When I was growing up, my Mom worked a lot. She was a hair dresser during the day and waited tables at night. Sometimes, she had three jobs. That was life. She was divorced, buried her oldest son and she worked. My Mom never walked around saying being a Mom was hard. Life was hard, but she didn’t walk around defeated. It was what it was. And for me, I’m letting go of this idea that just because life isn’t {Read More}

Wife In Crisis

You can survive when you are a wife in a crisis and you are most definitely not alone.

We ran away and eloped when I was 18. I had no idea what I was in for, I just knew I wanted out and he would be leaving in May. So, I jumped in head first and come May, we packed the car and headed west. We drove from North Carolina to Arizona by way of the mid west to see some of his family. It was an awkward situation, as I really had no idea what would happen {Read More}

Mom In a Crisis

There are days when a Mom needs to know she is not alone - especially a Mom in a Crisis

I have been thinking over the last twenty years and the many ways God has shown up when I least expected it. I’m not sure ‘why’ I can honestly say ‘least expected it.’ Maybe it’s because of unanswered prayers surrounding the divorce of my parents or the death of my brother. Either way, God has shown up big. I’ve eluded to the ways He has shown up, glimpses into our divorce, but have not fully disclosed them because of fear. {Read More}