Dear Mom Who Thinks Her Days are Short

Psalm 139:16

Dear Mom Who Knows Her days Are Short, How can I sit here and write this to you? You have encouraged me and so many other Moms over the years. How can I encourage you? You are there, with pain that never ceases – clinging on to each and every moment you have. The pain wracks your body,  breaths are hard to take, yet you keep going. You keep reaching out and encouraging over emails and blog posts.  Your book {Read More}

A Mom’s Best Gift to Her Children

Best Gift

My Mom worked hard for our family. At the time, she thought that was the best gift she could ever give us. She generally worked two jobs at a time. She was a hair-dress by day and a waitress at night. On her nights off, she was either curled up watching television in bed or out dancing with friends. Some nights I would have a baby sitter. Others, my brother might be home. Most of the time, I was alone. {Read More}

Joys and Sorrows During the Holidays


The holidays can be incredibly difficult.  Families are separated by miles of road and perhaps the oceans, as many have left home seeking employment or ministry.  Those miles can decrease the amount of intimacy a family living close together can enjoy. When a loved one is sick, those miles become barriers. I experienced the cruelty of a distance caused by those miles while my family lived in South Dakota.  My mother had COPD, Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis and many other ailments {Read More}