Frugal (Cheap) Soil Prep for Gardening

My husband and I had two (20*20) gardens at our Water Plant last year. Ok, I had the gardens. I worked the gardens, he enjoyed the food! This year, I realized there was no way I could drive 20 minutes to and from the garden. So, he joined in! We are working our garden together this year and he started preparing the soil well over a month ago! Like our homes and our souls, our gardens need a good, firm foundation.  {Read More}

Voting, Gardening, Activity Bags, Cooking and Pampering Mom (all in one day!)

Today, we ventured BACK to the garden.  YES,  I did….I finally went back.  It’s been a week….I was afraid to go back…those bugs, they were REALLY bugging me.  You know what bugged me more?  ME and my attitude towards the garden!  BUT, I did.  It became a homeschool day at the garden.  Would you like to know what we harvested?  CORN…lots of CORN!  Not just corn, but some tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons and cantelopes!  We were truly blessed…today….and this past week, {Read More}


Are you like me….in that you love finding treasure in places you really never thought about before.  And then, when you find it, you wonder why you never ‘saw’ it to begin with?  The first time I planted bulbs…they were a gift…and honestly, I was a little annoyed.  I had three small children…three below the age of four….and one was a newborn.  Who had time to plant bulbs.  But, I did….and discovered the joy of planting bulbs/seeds…..and then later, enjoying {Read More}