Finding Joy and Strength

The Joy Of The Lord

It can be a lonely scene – empty picnic tables.  Empty, desolate, sitting and waiting.  They are waiting to e enjoyed.  Pursuing – nothing. But, they are there, prepared, open and ready. The heart of a Mom is similar – it can be empty, desolate, sitting and waiting.  But, what about the pursuing part?  What about that original desire to feel life in the womb and hold the beauty of a babe in our arms. Did that desire to bring {Read More}

Risk Released the FEAR!


START The Doctor warned….the babe in my womb could leave us, as our first. My body…not quite fit to carry a child to full term…  there would be a risk. With each visit, a fear would overwhelm me as I waited to see the screen showing the blip of the heart…that I prayed would remain beating, unlike the first…where the nurse turned pale as she realized I was witnessing that first….that sweet little one who left us before we could {Read More}

Miracle Babies Change Lives

Miracle Babies Change Lives.jpg

It’s been a little more than ten years since something happened in my life…that I still can’t explain the depth of change it brought upon me. Well, I guess it started 12 years ago. We were pregnant. We were excited at the thought of celebrating the year 2000 with a new baby.  May of 99, I celebrated Mother’s Day with my Mother, Aunt, Sister in Law, our families and the babe that was growing. Of the four just mentioned; my {Read More}