Capture Mother’s Day with Free Printables

  Hi Sweet Mama, Please note, my heart goes out to all impacted by the devestation in Boston.  I would like to have waited to share this, but it is linked with my monthly post on Homeschool Mosaics and want to help all Moms find beauty in all things.  Losing and hurting are awful – I witnessed my own parents bury my oldest brother and lost my mother a few years ago.  With that, I want to encourage you and {Read More}

Finding Joy and Strength

It can be a lonely scene – empty picnic tables.  Empty, desolate, sitting and waiting.  They are waiting to e enjoyed.  Pursuing – nothing. But, they are there, prepared, open and ready. The heart of a Mom is similar – it can be empty, desolate, sitting and waiting.  But, what about the pursuing part?  What about that original desire to feel life in the womb and hold the beauty of a babe in our arms. Did that desire to bring {Read More}

Preparing a Place for Our Children

I remember my first home…it was a little two bedroom home with one bathroom. I shared a room with my parents and my brothers shared their room.  I don’t remember feeling cramped….I do remember running through the house… and how my parents put ballerina wall paper on one of the walls in ‘our bedroom’. Good memories….that fade, as my parents divorced and I remember….the last time I ran through the rooms…to find my little pink tea-pot. The next home I {Read More}