Azure Standard is an Ultimate Mom Resource (Review and Giveaway)

Azure and Covenant Ranch Trucking

Ultimate Mom Resource: AZURE Standard Last month I shared that my husband and I are on the road to becoming debt free. One of the major areas we spend the most money in our home is on food. Because we prefer cooking from scratch and using real food, that is not an easy task, while reducing your budget. However, we recently became acquainted with Azure Standard through Covenant Ranch Trucking (who deliver Azure products). I first heard about Azure from my friend {Read More}

Vegetable Beef Soup

Vegetable Beef Stew

There was a time in America when families ate their dinner together. During that time, Moms cooked almost every meal (fast food was not a weekly event, it was a treat) and left overs were utilized to help stretch the budget and live a life of stewardship. Left overs were basically staples used to create yummy soups like one of our favorites- Vegetable Beef Soup. Our family has never eaten out a lot. We enjoy restaurants and a break. But, {Read More}

Baked Polenta

Baked Polenta

Polenta. It’s new to us. Is it new to you, too? I have walked through the grocery store and picked it up several times. But, we are a family who shops at grocery stores as little as possible and we stay on the outside perimeter of the store. Processed food of any kind has a hard time finding it’s way into our home. Except for some sauces and an occassional soda (ok, and my cofee cream), we buy very few {Read More}