Ever Locked

I have not been a fan of fiction (especially love stories) for a long time, but Jeannie Kaye helped bring me back to enjoying it with her new book: Ever Locked.  Fiction (especially fiction based on love story) lost it’s shine with me when I realized it was not good for my heart. So, when Jeannie asked me to read and or review this book, I told her I would, but I would not be able to share, if the book went {Read More}

Summer Reading List

I recently shared my summer reading books on my instagram feed and a friend asked me for my summer reading list. I took a little break from painting and playing with my children to put this together for you. I hope this encourages you and inspires you to pick up a good books and read. I was reminded of how important this is by my friend Crystal in her book: Say Goodbye To Survival Mode. You can listen to Crystal’s {Read More}

Questions God Asks

All of my life, I have asked God questions. Why did you do this? Why did this happen? Is this really for my benefit? Can I do this? You want me to do what? This list of questions I have asked is long and extensive, yet it has changed as I have grown closer to him. New questions range from: How can I know you more? To How may I serve you more? The reason those questions have changed is {Read More}