Ultimate Mom Resource: Homeschooling For Eternity (Review and Link UP)

Homeschool For Eternity

Ultimate Mom Resource: Homeschooling for Eternity is my Ultimate Mom resource for this week.  I received this book to review at Teach Them Diligently from Israel Wayne.  His mother is Skeet Savage, who wrote Homeschooling for Eternity. In this book, Skeet makes you really consider why you are homeschooling. She does not sit back and sweetly give you Bible verses to memorize and pat you on the head. Skeet gives you truth and through her own testimony you see and {Read More}

Rainy Days Lead to Fun Adventure Wildlife Books

Isaiah 4031

It has been raining a lot in our area, which has left us inside playing games and reading books.  Over the past few years, we have been blessed to grow our library and while we were at Teach Them Diligently in Spartanburg and Nashville, we met Tim Ostermeyer. He is the author and owner of Fun Adventure Wildlife Books. I first heard about Mr. Ostermeyer’s books in 2012. I was intrigued by them and when my children saw them, I {Read More}

Introducing the Growly Books – Begin – with a Giveaway!


I have a love of books that I am seeing grow in my children. We love taking adventures and reading books gives us an opportunity to visit new places and meet new people without leaving the comfort of our home. Now, don’t think I have three children who love to read. The reality is I have three children who love to hear me read, one who could live in a book, one who will read anything about horses and has {Read More}