ZeeZok: Z-Guide to the Movies

My family enjoys a good book and a good movie.  I also love it when both can be utilized to learn about our current areas of study, as well as enhancing character training in our home.  Zeezok Publishing has recently accomplished that for us!  Zeezok was established in 2003, we believe “It is better to build children than to repair men.”  Their desire to create products that will assist you in developing your family’s love for God and country. So, how {Read More}

Have You Heard The World’s Greatest Stories?

This year, we have integrated more audio stories into our home. We have discontinued cable…very rarely turn on any movies from outside sources and spend a lot of time reading, singing with the radio and listening to audio stories. We have recently been blessed to receive The PROPHETS:  NIV Version! What a great way to spend some time together as a family! While it is recommended for children 4-12….I think anyone and everyone will enjoy this audio retell of: The {Read More}

Vintage Remedies is Helping Us live a More Natural Life!

  Several Years ago, I read a book that opened my eyes to the various chemicals in our food and home.  Since then, we have been making changes to our food…and home as we are able. Recently, we received the book:  Vintage Remedies 4 Girls (intended for girls 7-13).  This book is written by Jessie Hawkins (Homeschool Mom), the founder of Vintage Remedies. Vintage Remedies began as a hobby of helping other families begin healthier lifestyles.  Vintage Remedies has since {Read More}