Every Mama is a Homeschool Mama and this Letter is for all…

Every mama

Dear sweet homeschool Mama, this is for you. This might be your first year, your third year, maybe your fifth of fifteenth year. You might homeschool every day, perhaps go to a co op or even utilize a local private school to help on some days, while you teach on other days. And, you may even be a Mom whose child attends school every day of the week, but you’re there in the evening helping with homework, lessons and filling in {Read More}

Getting Stuck

Almost every day I share some special ‘wisdom’ with my children. The one bit of wisdom I share more often is:  Try something new and always try doing something you don’t like/enjoy (of course this falls within the preface that whatever it is falls within the guidelines of our belief system and the rules we have as a family. Recently pondered the question: Do I Model this for my children? Admittedly:  NO As the year winds down and we find {Read More}

Child Training Bible Review and Giveaway

Several months before my Aunt passed away, she gave me a Bible.  I knew it was something I would treasure…I did not know that I would consider it part of a legacy that she handed down to me……until I began to truly seek wisdom in raising my children. You see, she gave me this sweet Precious Moments Family-Time Bible…and I love it.  It has been used quite often in our home for devotions and discussions with children…helping them see how {Read More}