Used Curriculum and Book Sale

Homeschool Curriculum Sale

It’s time to clean out some curriculum we no longer need in our home. While part of me wants to hold on to everything we have, I know that is not what I should do and it keeps me from helping other families. With that, below is a list of items I have available for you to purchase. The price for the curriculum is listed next to the item and includes media mail shipment (to Cont. US only). (Please note, {Read More}

Teaching Multiple Science Curricula Gifted and Struggling Learners

How To Teach Multiple Science Curricula to gifted and struggling learners without blowing up the house or losing your mind

Last summer, we finalized our decisions for what we would learn in our homeschool and as I closed the planner, I asked God to give me the strength to follow through where He wanted me to wisdom and make changes when I needed to. This prayer was necessary because I would be teaching three different science curricula for the to our children: one child (who is considered academically gifted), one who struggles (in academics but gifted in creativity) and one {Read More}

History Revealed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible Review and Giveaway

History Revealed Review and Giveaway from Answers in Genesis and Mom's Mustard Seeds

I recently received  History Revealed Ancient Civilizations and the Bible (by Diana Waring) from Answers in Genesis in exchange for my honest opinion. History Revealed is a curriculum written by Diana Waring that has been designed to teach the truth about history (from creation) maintaining God as central to understanding and in a way that will be delightful to all learning styles. In this curriculum, Mrs. Waring has taken into consideration the four learning styles : feeler intuitor thinker sensor {Read More}