Marco Polo– Our fun traveling with him

I am loving learning our history this year with Beautiful Feet Books. Last week, we learned about Marco Polo with Beautiful Feet Books .  They are so committed to finding excellent living books, that they are not afraid to tell you when they can not find one.  This was our first unit of them identifying that for us.  However, they recommended some reading from National Geographic.   I was able to locate these two sites from National Geographic: National Geographic:  Marco Polo Part 1 , Marco Polo Part {Read More}

Teaching the little one to read: my biggest fear!

I admit it…my biggest fear about homeschool this year was teaching my little guy to read. But, that fear…it is dissipating. Why was I afraid? My first two children were taught in Public school… first one was, my second is struggling because…well, she wasn’t taught and now, we’re still working through that…but, she has come a LONG way. So this year, I began with my jaw a little tight.  You know what I’m talking about….going into something thinking…OH BOY….this is {Read More}

Loving our New History–> which gets at the heart of Self-Government

We recently began learning the truth about American History, the original founders and where they were from.  What we learned…is different from what I was taught in school, and I want to share that with you. The truth of American history begins with an understanding that God created all things, including the Geography of each continent…and that his design was created for a purpose, that leads to the purpose of each country and there in, each person…..and we began to {Read More}