2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool is More than Learning

What does homeschool curriculum look like when you’ve decided to quit homeschooling? Does it mean you take all of the books, pencils, papers, notebooks and throw them out of the window? Or does it mean something else. For me and our home, it does mean something else. It means taking time each and every day to place God first. It means Homeschooling for Eternity and having a Biblical perspective about life and homeschooling. It means asking – does this benefit the {Read More}

The Logic of English Review

Logic of English

The Logic of English This past year has been one in which I have focused on teaching my children how to spell.  It has lead me on a journey to  finding a program to help my children learn how to spell, while also improving their reading and their grammar.  That program is The Logic of English. What is Logic Of English The Logic of English  is a fantastic way to teach children to read, spell and write using memorization, activities, {Read More}

Geomatters – Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Settlement

Over the past few months, I have shared with you many snippets about our homeschool days and about GeoMatters Trail Guide To Learning being the central focus of our learning adventure..  And now, I am going to really wrap up my thoughts about GeoMatters Trail Guide to Learning and how we have implemented it in our home. We are not a ‘box’ family.  Our first year of homeschool, was a ‘box’ year…there’s nothing wrong with a box…but, I felt I {Read More}