Time for Change in Our Homeschool

This job as a homeschool Mom

Every year, I make changes and adjustments in our homeschool.  Sometimes it’s ‘where’ we learn. But most of the time, it’s how we are learning and what we are using. I think it’s that way in every home that educates their children. We tweak, change and make adjustments. These changes began last year at Real Refreshment and  Teach Them Diligently Conference. This year, while attending the Real Refreshment Retreat and The Teach Them Diligently events in Spartanburg and Nashville, God {Read More}

2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschool is More than Learning

What does homeschool curriculum look like when you’ve decided to quit homeschooling? Does it mean you take all of the books, pencils, papers, notebooks and throw them out of the window? Or does it mean something else. For me and our home, it does mean something else. It means taking time each and every day to place God first. It means Homeschooling for Eternity and having a Biblical perspective about life and homeschooling. It means asking – does this benefit the {Read More}

Our Homeschool Update Just before Thanksgiving

Salt Dough Map

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing few months here. Amazing in that this Mama is growing. Growing can be difficult, can’t it. I remember growth pains from my youth and have been awakened a lot over the past few months as each of my children have hit their own individual growth spurts. Growing in the heart and body….it’s a long process. One that is never quite finished on this Earth. If you’re a new reader, you may have caught {Read More}