Our Homeschool Update Just before Thanksgiving

Salt Dough Map

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing few months here. Amazing in that this Mama is growing. Growing can be difficult, can’t it. I remember growth pains from my youth and have been awakened a lot over the past few months as each of my children have hit their own individual growth spurts. Growing in the heart and body….it’s a long process. One that is never quite finished on this Earth. If you’re a new reader, you may have caught {Read More}

Geomatters – Trail Guide to Learning Paths of Settlement

Over the past few months, I have shared with you many snippets about our homeschool days and about GeoMatters Trail Guide To Learning being the central focus of our learning adventure..  And now, I am going to really wrap up my thoughts about GeoMatters Trail Guide to Learning and how we have implemented it in our home. We are not a ‘box’ family.  Our first year of homeschool, was a ‘box’ year…there’s nothing wrong with a box…but, I felt I {Read More}

Find and Match Letter Names and Phonics

I have a very busy home. One filled with two boys and one girl. I know, you might have more, the same or less. I bet your home is busy, too. And I bet you…Mom are trying to find some fun things for all of your children that are fun to do…and they will ASK to do….that will increase their learning. Yes, I thought so… Me too! Last year, we made a ‘find’ it game. It was easy to make. {Read More}