2013-2014 Homeschool Curriculum

What does homeschool curriculum look like when you’ve decided to quit homeschooling? Does it mean you take all of the books, pencils, papers, notebooks and throw them out of the window? Or does it mean something else. For me and our home, it does mean something else. It means taking time each and every day to place God first. It means Homeschooling for Eternity and having a Biblical perspective about life and homeschooling. It means asking – does this benefit the {Read More}

Teach US Geography with Flash Cards

For the past few weeks, I have been integrating fun ways to learn US Geography for all of my children.  My goal was to find ways for them to play, have fun and work together to learn the states, their capitals, geographical location, facts and historical information. What I did not expect (honestly) was for it to be as fun and fruitful as it has been. While at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I found these fun States & {Read More}

Teach US Geography With Songs

“The Northern border of the United States, the Northern Border of the United States….”the words being sung by my 6 yr old trailed downstairs from the shower upstairs. Yes, he is a chid who loves singing in the shower.  Honestly, he loves singing in the bathroom. There’s something about the way the words vibrate off the walls and he has a sense that no one hears him. Me, I’m sitting at the table giggling with my daughter. And it hits {Read More}