Teaching Multiple Science Curricula Gifted and Struggling Learners

How To Teach Multiple Science Curricula to gifted and struggling learners without blowing up the house or losing your mind

Last summer, we finalized our decisions for what we would learn in our homeschool and as I closed the planner, I asked God to give me the strength to follow through where He wanted me to wisdom and make changes when I needed to. This prayer was necessary because I would be teaching three different science curricula for the to our children: one child (who is considered academically gifted), one who struggles (in academics but gifted in creativity) and one {Read More}

Ultimate Mom Resource: Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics

Apologia Chemistry and Physics

Ultimate Mom Resource: Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Last winter, my children and I were blessed with the opportunity to read and work through the experiments in a chapter of the new Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry and Physics Science book written by Jeannie Fulbright.  We enjoyed it so much that my oldest has been asking (every week) when we will receive our final copy. He wasn’t the only one to enjoy it, though. My daughter and youngest {Read More}

Rainy Days Lead to Fun Adventure Wildlife Books

Isaiah 4031

It has been raining a lot in our area, which has left us inside playing games and reading books.  Over the past few years, we have been blessed to grow our library and while we were at Teach Them Diligently in Spartanburg and Nashville, we met Tim Ostermeyer. He is the author and owner of Fun Adventure Wildlife Books. I first heard about Mr. Ostermeyer’s books in 2012. I was intrigued by them and when my children saw them, I {Read More}