The Christmas Story Prayer Journal

The Christmas Story Prayer Journal is available for free at MomsMustardSeeds

It’s December and time to celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. This to me, is one of the most beautiful times of year. Truly, to sit and ponder the prophecies that were fulfilled in a tiny babe born at the foot of the palace of Herod. Can you imagine? Have you ever considered it? Herod, sitting in that Palace that overlooked the entire land. He was not a nice man, but he had it all. He {Read More}

Ultimate Christmas & Advent Giveaway

Ultimate Christmas & Advent Giveaway

    I’m excited to team up with Cindy, Colleen, Aurie & Kerry to start Advent off with a Giveaway. We’re giving away each of these Christmas ebooks. In addition to the giveaway, Kerry has given us permission to share a discount with you if you decide you would like to have your own now. You can save 40% … just for you,our readers. (Use Promo Code “dec13”) These 3 ebooks will help you keep Christ as the focus of Advent {Read More}

Finding Real Joy at Christmas

Finding Real Joy in the presence of God is the fullness of joy

When I was a little girl, my Mom would play Christmas music and decorate the house to make it look like a Christmas paradise. We had lights in every plant and tree in the house. The Christmas tree had a theme every year and we always had plenty during this time of year. My Mom was a hair dresser and her clients would always give her extra tips so we could buy yummy food and have presents under the tree. {Read More}