Our Homeschool Update Just before Thanksgiving

Salt Dough Map

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing few months here. Amazing in that this Mama is growing. Growing can be difficult, can’t it. I remember growth pains from my youth and have been awakened a lot over the past few months as each of my children have hit their own individual growth spurts. Growing in the heart and body….it’s a long process. One that is never quite finished on this Earth. If you’re a new reader, you may have caught {Read More}

Learning the Truth about Thanksgiving and The Separatists


As a child, I learned the usual about the Pilgrims…how they left England and arrived in America.  Then, after a couple of difficult years…they had a big feast with the Native Americans…and all was good! What I did not learn…was the story behind the story.  Well, the many stories.  Stories about William Brewster, William Bradford and the many other brave men, women and children…who were tired of being told how they could worship God and were persecuted for doing so. {Read More}