Homeschool Teaching Method Battle

Over the past few years I have noticed increased conversation surrounding the way (or method) homeschool families teach their children. I wish I could say it’s been nice to watch the conversation, but I can’t. It is as if homeschoolers are in the midst of a Homeschool Teaching Method Battle – where if you’re not teaching ‘that way’ you are the lowest form of homeschooling family in the world. The sole focus (now) seems to be on graduating at the top of {Read More}

Community Exists Through The Storms of Life

For the past 6 weeks, my life has been topsy turvy and I’ve had little time to really capture it in writing. In reality, this  part of the story begins last September, when I received a call asking if I would lead the prayer sessions as Real Refreshment. Honestly, I was in shock. I love Real Refreshment and never in a million years would I ask for such an honor (or even consider myself worthy). That’s Elizabeth’s job. She’s the {Read More}

2014 Goals and Announcements

I have to say, I am really excited about 2014. I did not think I would be, but I am. We are experiencing major changes in our home as we (my husband and I) and our children grow a little bit older. Honestly, I’ve been resisting those changes. But, now I’m grabbing on tight and looking forward to this new part of the journey and I can’t wait to take you along with me! So, today, I want to share {Read More}