Free Independence Day Writing lessons from How to Homeschool My Child

Free Independence Day Writing Lessons

One of my favorite days of the year – is the Fourth of July. This year, my sponsor How to Homeschool My Child is giving everyone (who orders an IEW Lesson) a free Independence Day Writing lesson. A few months ago, I shared my review of IEW B and my thoughts on the program have not changed since then.  While they haven’t changed, my appreciation and love for the program have grown.  My oldest is still working through IEW B {Read More}

Ten Days of Growing Leaders: Day 10 Key 7 You NOT Them

I hope you have enjoyed the Ten Day Blog Hop hosted by Heart of the Matter.  I have truly enjoyed reading all of the posts everyone wrote to encourage, strengthen and bring new ideas, meals, apps, peace, teaching methods, etc into your homes. With that being said…let’s jump into day Number 10 Key 7 for Growing Leaders: Ready?   YOU, NOT THEM   Yes, Moms and Dads…it always comes back to that, doesn’t it?   You (that includes me…) have {Read More}

Ten Days of Growing Leaders: Day 9 Key 6: Simplicity, Not Complexity

Wow, I can’t believe we are already reaching the end…of the series and perhaps the beginning of a transformation in the homes of those who have read this series.  How wonderful would it be, if we walk this journey in Raising Leaders together and helped remind our neighbors and friends that change begins in each individual home? That we, the families of our amazing country do still have the rights and freedoms to vote…and more than that, to grow the {Read More}