Math for Gifted and Struggling Learners

Math for Gifted and Struggling learners

I haven’t been sharing a lot about our homeschool curriculum. I’m sure you’ve noticed that.  It’s not because I don’t want to help others, but because I have seen how easy it is to become caught up in what other people are doing and compare. And now that we have quit homeschooling through a traditional way, but focus more on our hearts, I pray that what I share will encourage you and not cause anyone to ever compare or make {Read More}

Time for Change in Our Homeschool

This job as a homeschool Mom

Every year, I make changes and adjustments in our homeschool.  Sometimes it’s ‘where’ we learn. But most of the time, it’s how we are learning and what we are using. I think it’s that way in every home that educates their children. We tweak, change and make adjustments. These changes began last year at Real Refreshment and  Teach Them Diligently Conference. This year, while attending the Real Refreshment Retreat and The Teach Them Diligently events in Spartanburg and Nashville, God {Read More}

Learning Division with Living Books

Living Books Make Division More Interesting

I love the way my children are incredibly different. Each one has a gift or talent….something that truly sets them apart and identifies the amazing way they were created as an individual with a purpose. My oldest LOVES to read and he loves math.  He has always enjoyed reading and since he learned to count, math has been one of his easiest subjects, until this year. This year, math has been a bit of a challenge.  It has been a {Read More}