The Logic of English Review

Logic of English

The Logic of English This past year has been one in which I have focused on teaching my children how to spell.  It has lead me on a journey to  finding a program to help my children learn how to spell, while also improving their reading and their grammar.  That program is The Logic of English. What is Logic Of English The Logic of English  is a fantastic way to teach children to read, spell and write using memorization, activities, {Read More}

Our Homeschool Update Just before Thanksgiving

Salt Dough Map

Wow, it’s Thanksgiving. It’s been an amazing few months here. Amazing in that this Mama is growing. Growing can be difficult, can’t it. I remember growth pains from my youth and have been awakened a lot over the past few months as each of my children have hit their own individual growth spurts. Growing in the heart and body….it’s a long process. One that is never quite finished on this Earth. If you’re a new reader, you may have caught {Read More}

Multiplying Menace A Living Math Book

Make Math Fun

I remember  trying to memorize Multiplication Tables when I was in elementary school! Oh, they were NOT my friend!  Were they yours? Some of my friends seem to know 7*6 better than I knew 10+1. I was never very good at math and those tables drove me nuts! Now, I have three children.  Each one of them has their own talents.  One loves math more than the others, one is growing a passion for math and well, one may never {Read More}